Customer Success: Subway Restaurants Avoid Audit Penalties with Document Management Software

Ensuring compliance with regulatory business requirements has always been difficult to navigate, especially with new rules and standards steadily emerging. There are few solutions that enable businesses to achieve compliance with minimal effort – one of which is document management software.

A great document management system will do more than help users scan, store, retrieve, and manage files. It will also play an active role ensuring businesses comply with the top regulations, from HIPAA, to SEC and FINRA, GDPR, ISO 9001, and more. Take it from a real Square 9 customer who was lucky enough to avoid legal penalties and fines with GlobalSearch document management.

Armstrong Subway is a leading fast food provider in Minnesota, managing as many as 24 Subway restaurants at one time, and employing well over 250 people. With a high employee turnover rate and inefficient paper-based processes, important employee documents were often misfiled and difficult to locate. They needed a solution for improving the storage, management, and monitoring of documents – and they quickly turned to GlobalSearch.

With over 20,000 archive documents stored, and more arriving daily, administrative tasks are now completed at a much faster rate with 20 hours saved every week. They’re also saving well over $20,000 annually, eliminating the need for additional hires.

So far, so good. Until Armstrong Subway was a target of a discrimination lawsuit quickly followed by a Department of Labor audit. Luckily, GlobalSearch was intact, enabling Armstrong Subway to achieve and maintain proper compliance. They had to provide every single piece of paper that they had on every current and former employee that worked in the city. Without a document management system in place, it would have taken months to compile the paperwork. Thanks to GlobalSearch, the process was complete in three days, and Armstrong Subway did not have to pay a single fine.

Are you doing enough to ensure compliance in your business? Contact Square 9 today to learn more about the benefits of GlobalSearch for regulatory compliance.

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