Document Management Drives Accounting Processes Across 21 Transportation Locations

It’s no surprise that the transportation and logistics industry generates a large amount of paperwork and requires extensive audit preparation. From purchase orders to invoices, reports and receipts, the majority of documentation originates in the accounting department.

Family owned and operated, Kobussen Buses LTD is a renowned transportation business with over 80 years of experience serving the communities of Wisconsin. Kobussen Buses specializes in providing charter services for every type of event including sporting events, shopping excursions, weddings, conferences, church outings, and student transportation. In the last five years alone, the company has doubled in size, today operating with a fleet of over 800 school buses, 29 motorcoaches and 21 locations.

This extensive growth caused Kobussen Buses to experience several roadblocks. The sheer volume of payables increased to a point where it was difficult for the accounting team to keep up with the additional vendor invoices. There was a constant worry of missed payment deadlines and missed invoices. Kobussen Buses knew it was time to look for a solution to automate accounts payables processes.

Square 9’s award-winning GlobalSearch document management software has helped steer Kobussen Buses through a growth period by building a paperless accounts payable process from the ground up. Kobussen has saved money on the basics like paper and printing costs, but even more, GlobalSearch has allowed the company to avoid hiring additional staff, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as they have added new locations.

But that’s not all! Read the full Customer Success Story to learn how Kobussen Buses is benefiting from innovative process automation solutions!

Read the Case Study!

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