ECM Software: The #1 Draft Pick for Fantasy Sports Champions

Did you know that as of 2017, there are 59.3 million fantasy sports players? That’s about the size of California and New York combined! How many of you are a part of a fantasy sports league and have won a championship? Let me guess, you poured over stats and figures for hours to build the perfect team with the hopes of coming out on top. Did you know you can apply this same logic to your business strategy by leveraging real time data? This alone will make your business more profitable! Like fantasy sports, ECM software has evolved processes over time to streamline what once were paper-driven activities. Revolutionizing the way we do business, document management enables the automation of documents, from data capture, to routing for approvals. This allows adopters to save time and money by reducing the amount of space needed for paper and the amount of time searching for documents. Let’s explore how advancements in technology can support your interests as a fantasy sports player and a business professional!

Have you thought about what it would be like if your fantasy sports data wasn’t at your fingertips? How would your routine change if you had to call a friend to make a trade deal? How would you decide who to draft without a player’s stats readily available? With the introduction of real-time player data, fantasy sports has become a completely streamlined process, enabling sports fans across the globe to make critical team adjustments instantly. Consider the amount of time spent waiting for trade approvals, drafting your team, and making cut-throat decisions in a paper-based fantasy league. Or even worse, making trade decisions without hearing about a player’s injury until the Sunday paper hits stands. These challenges would negatively impact your team. And the lack of data visibility makes it nearly impossible to make an impactful, informed, and timely decision. Thankfully, with game information readily available and mobile-accessible, fantasy sport users are able to make live team decisions, putting them ahead of the curve and that much closer to winning a championship.

Are you currently in an office cluttered with file cabinets and paper? Do you spend hours out of your day simply looking for customer data? Chances are, your company is still operating under an outdated system that has not evolved with cutting-edge business technology. Consider the amount of time spent on inefficient collaboration. With manual, paper-based processes, your staff may suffer from a disorganized file system and an inability to easily search and retrieve documents quickly. Document management is a game changer that can solve all your office inefficiencies. Through an organized digital repository, your records are securely stored and easily accessible from your desk! And instead of wondering who’s edited a record and when, document management software provides full visibility of a document’s history with version control. Version control not only allows users to see all edits made on a document, but ensures that edits are not overridden within the system, keeping all records and avoiding mistakes. With customizable document workflow, data can be routed seamlessly between departments, allowing you to immediately work on business critical document tasks. Whether your organization suffers from lack of data visibility, an inability to connect cross-functionally, or general record disorganization, document management software can provide the remedy to help your staff feel more like champions!

The problems previously faced by paper-based fantasy sports leagues have very similar pain-points to that of organizations with document management challenges. Before technology, both processes were done manually, with proven inefficiencies due to a heavy reliance on paper. From data visibility and collaboration to version control and file storage, automation proves to solve the problems for both fantasy sports players and business professionals alike. The instant accessibility to critical data has evolved for users that expected – and demanded – more than manual processes. The result is real-time answers that lead to effective decision making, where everyone wins!

Interested in how ECM  software can make your business feel like a champion? Contact Square 9 today to learn how document technologies can reduce your company’s reliance on paper and help you gain a competitive edge!

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