Enterprise Content Management: Back to School and Back in Business

Another school year is about to begin as students across the nation are back to school shopping and stocking up on their classroom essentials. Meanwhile their teachers are managing the administrative side of welcoming new students, each with records to be securely filed, yet easily accessible for future grading, notes and revisions.


On average, educational establishments K-12 through Higher Education, use approximately 250,000 pieces of paper each year, adding up to around $25,000 – not including the cost of maintenance, printing and toner. Don’t sacrifice great education due to astronomical paper costs. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software simplifies the administrative tasks of managing student paperwork, reducing costs and increasing visibility into classroom progress.

ECM uses digital document technology to increase operational efficiency by managing multi-formatted documents including:

  • Student & Staff Records
  • PPT / IEP / 504 Plans
  • Payroll Records
  • Continuing Education Unit (CEU) Tracking
  • Board Meeting Documentation

ECM software allows school administrators to create powerful student portfolios through scanned or imported projects, with the added ability to quickly access report cords and transcripts, even when out of the classroom. ECM is scalable across multiple campus locations, allowing remote staff to instantly participate in assessing student documentation. Built in workflow functionality offers nearly unlimited document routing possibilities, including IEP approval email notifications based on specific document data conditions.

With ECM’s robust accessibility, there’s no doubt that privacy control across a school district would remain a concern. Yet with user-based permissions, the software ensures sensitive student information is secured and in compliance with FERPA regulations. Still, no document will go unseen with ECM software. Automated email notifications alert staff of incomplete tasks, keeping track of departmental productivity from managing student records to budgets, invoices, payroll reports and agendas. Furthermore, every view, edit or document modification can be monitored and tracked with built in history logs and audit trails.

Whether performance reviews, student records or transcripts, Enterprise Content Management keeps all school documentation centralized in one place, improving access, accuracy, and efficiency by:

  • Integrating with student information systems like PowerSchool® and eSchoolPlus®
  • Searching student records based on name, number or keyword
  • Standardizing data collection with eForms
  • Providing district-wide access to student records
  • And more…

With the speed and reliability of Enterprise Content Management, schools can focus less on the paper and more on the thing that matters most – the students. If your educational establishment is ready to graduate to a paperless process, contact Square 9 Softworks today!

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