GlobalSearch 4.5: Everything You Need to Know

So, you may have heard about the new GlobalSearch® 4.5 from Square 9 Softworks, and how it’s making its mark as the next-generation, web-based solution for enterprise content management (ECM). Sounds great, right? Well, you may still be wondering what makes this release so important.

To start, it’s important to recognize that innovative software never stays still. Beyond the newest features and functionality, it’s essential to keep your software – and your business – up to speed with regular GlobalSearch updates. Version 4.5 marks exceptional significance because it extends your document management initiatives to the powerful platform of the modern browser.

Today, the modern browser provides users many benefits as an intuitive platform for accessibility, convenience, and speed. If your team is still glued to the desktop, here are five things you should know about the new GlobalSearch 4.5 release, and why upgrading is so important for your business.


  1. Speed Meets Comfortability: GlobalSearch 4.5 was designed to take your business to new heights with extensible scalability through the web. Redefining innovation, the new web-based GlobalSearch platform enables users to access document data from any machine with an internet connection. While the tides have turned from the desktop to the browser, that doesn’t mean your routine needs to be rerouted. By combining the comfortable desktop functionality with the speed of the browser your team is equipped with powerful processing to improve how you work with your documents, and how business gets done. The modern browser renders quick loading of documents and faster execution of functionality including data extraction, indexing, and workflow automation. 
  2. New Look, More Functionality: A lot has changed in the GlobalSearch interface, but you’re not losing features – you’re gaining functionality. With updated styling, the sleek web-based 4.5 platform delivers a fresh user experience. The new and intuitive table display can easily sort document results by one or more columns in ascending or descending order, to help users understand information better and work more efficiently with search results. Plus, a tabbed style interface delivers a new visual flow of information that displays live document workflow stages and assignment data to keep your team informed in real-time, where their work is within a particular process. 
  3. Turning Feedback into Results: We simply could not incorporate our new, customer-driven features without constructive feedback from our user community! At Square 9’s annual Encompass conference, we received valuable insight from users ranging from small businesses to enterprise organizations, on how tweaking the software’s functionality could improve to workflow. GlobalSearch 4.5 reflects this feedback with the tools to streamline the management of business information through web-based collaboration. For example, with multiple core product solutions, we understand the challenge of keeping user permissions and business rules consistent across each platform was a challenge. Now, GlobalSearch 4.5 brings the entire Global Suite of products into a single web-based platform that’s easily available within a secured administrator’s portal. Administrators can easily configure and support all aspects of the Square 9 content management platform – whether it’s GlobalSearch, GlobalCapture®, or GlobalAction® – from any device with an internet connection. 
  4. New Ways to Work with Content: Beyond feature enhancements, GlobalSearch 4.5 presents intuitive new integration capabilities to improve the way you team works with content daily. This new release provides the ability to launch content from the browser directly to your everyday applications including Microsoft Word®, Excel®, Outlook®, PowerPoint®, or any program of your choice! Plus, the new Print PDF Driver is a quick and easy way to save records directly into GlobalSearch. Users can easily and immediately save receipts, reports, and more into GlobalSearch for further processing. Expanding on our powerful Extensions platform to deliver new functionality to the user community like never before, GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers updated QuickBooks Extensions, group record editing techniques, Image XChange updates, and more. GlobalSearch 4.5 comes with a improved navigation and visibility, to facilitate all user actions in the web. 
  5. It’s Available Now! With CRM, AP and HR systems moving to web, now is the time to streamline processes even further by leveraging a browser-based ECM system! With a completely enhanced end-user experience, we invite you to discover the benefits of browser-based ECM and the modernization of document management in the web. GlobalSearch 4.5 delivers new functionality to improve collaboration, visibility, accessibility and business efficiency across your business.

Are you ready to get your hands on a powerful and intuitive new document management solution? Take a look at the new GlobalSearch 4.5 in action! Visit today to learn more about the new features, review technical information, and even watch a recent webinar on the functionality of GlobalSearch 4.5.

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