Importance of Upgrading Your Document Management Software

Have you upgraded your document management software lately? If not, why?! Staying up to date with the latest, cutting-edge enterprise content management (ECM) platform enables organizations to build upon their document management needs by making existing paperless processes even more efficient. Beyond new feature enhancements and functionalities that you care about, those organizations using the latest and greatest platforms become more adaptable to the direction of business technology. By regularly implementing the latest advancements in paperless office solutions, your business keeps its competitive edge with the newest innovations.


Need some more convincing? Here are 3 reasons why you should upgrade your outdated ECM software today!

  1. Worried about installation? We understand the importance of having the most up-to-date software, and work to ensure your business is armed and ready to explore the benefits of next-generation document management. With the latest document management software in place, your organization is running at optimal speed and performance, delivering a workspace designed for peak user efficiency, as it enables your team to be more productive. You’ll also have direct access to a technical support team that helps to reestablish your former paper-based processes, staffed with highly trained experts who ensure timely resolutions to software challenges and answer any questions you may have. 
  2. When upgrading your outdated document management software, you no longer have to worry about system upkeep. Regular maintenance enables administrators to keep better control of their software environments. As a user, you are the most informed on what works best for your business, with a clear understanding of departmental daily actions. Maintaining version updates will allow users to fine-tune the performance ability of your software in a way that is most effective for your processes. Regular software upkeep also provides you with access to the latest technical information and will allow for preventative fixes; ones that will ensure issues do not accumulate and render your software unusable for any amount of time. Nonetheless, with the support of your business administrators, your software will be serviced to scale alongside your business as it continues to grow. Staying current with the latest software updates enables your business to work on modern platforms, servers, and operating systems – worry free! 
  3. All of the latest features and functionality have been developed with the customer in mind. Innovative document management software has been designed to include features that are important to users, from an intuitive document table display to simplified integrations with your most used business programs. Incorporating the latest advancements that are unique to a customer’s user experience, better accommodates those who use the software across various departments and processes. With fast and convenient browser-based document management, users are empowered to make more critical business decisions with anywhere, anytime access to documentation. By combining the comfortable desktop functionality with the speed of a modern browser, your team is equipped with powerful processing that improves how you work with your business content.

Are you ready to make a major impact on your business and upgrade your document management solution? Whether your a current or new customer, contact Square 9  today to learn more about upgrade options in order to maximize your return and  keep business thriving!

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