Maximize Your ECM Investment With Premier Education in Capture

Knowledge is power – and when investing in capture automation software you can never get enough. The right software solutions partner will provide premier capture automation training through a variety of educational classes, designed with the end user in mind. From technical capture workflow courses to basic administrative overviews, these educational offerings are available online and on-premise.


Wondering which course is right for your specific needs? Answer a simple question to find out:

Q. Which education method is the most effective learning tool for you?

A. Hands On Classroom Learning
B. Interactive Online Videos
C. Certification-Based Training

Have your answer? Well, no matter which option you choose, there’s a rewarding capture automation course for you. Are you ready to maximize your ECM investment? Let’s explore the classes that will turn your team into capture automation experts!

Hands On Classroom Learning – Learning how to use your capture automation solution in a classroom environment is without a doubt the most ideal. The small, intimate setting allows for one-on-one access to the instructor who is available in real-time to answer all of your questions. Classroom learning also provides the opportunity to hear about implementations of other users through class discussion and small group exercises. You can share real life examples from your daily office experiences and walk through them step-by-step, directly within the product interface. This way you can ensure you are building your capture workflows properly while keeping best practices in mind. Having an ECM expert teach you basic functionality will keep you from second guessing every decision, if you were to learn how to use the software on your own.

Interactive Online Videos – If sitting in a classroom all day isn’t your ideal scenario – that’s okay! With an online interactive video series, you can learn in-depth detail about document capture automation at your own pace. From general introductions on terms, functions, and capabilities, to designing capture workflows, leveraging OCR templates, licensing and more, you can discover capture automation basics and extended functionality, right from your desk. In addition, these capture automation video tutorials are available at anytime you should need them. Therefore, if an issue arises months after completing the course, you can refer back to these videos, from anywhere and at anytime, to get the information you need.  Eliminating travel expenses and time out of office, interactive eLearning is the most cost-effective option for users with a tight budget.

Certification-Based Training – Whether you’re looking for an introductory capture course, or one that’s more technically advanced, premier education programs will provide options to become certified as both basic and advanced capture automation engineers. From the fundamentals of designing capture workflows, to table-based extraction, document classification and everything in between, becoming certified will provide a number of benefits to your team members. Not only will they gain the exclusive skills required to effectively design and implement capture solutions, but they will be confident in their knowledge with a certification to prove it. Becoming certified in capture automation can transform your team into experts in all things capture, leading your company to smarter, more informed decision making.

Whether you chose A, B, or C as the most effective learning tool, with premier education from Square 9 Softworks you can take advantage of all three! Designed for customers and Resellers who intend to design and manage their own capture workflow processes, with capture automation education you can become the expert. Make the most of your software investment and register for an upcoming course today!

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