Streamline Your Paperless Conversion with Capture Automation Software

Moving your business documents to a paperless format can be challenging. But by embracing new document technologies and digital business practices, any company can benefit from paperless solutions by saving time and money while improving business efficiency.


Capture automation has taken the business world by storm. Since 2012, use of text recognition technology has grown from 64% to 87%, and the digital routing of capture data has risen from 59% to 66%.  It’s given businesses across varying industries an intuitive solution to quickly and easily extract, validate, and classify key information from forms, images, documents and more.

Whether you deal with checks, invoices, purchase orders, or onboarding forms, there’s a solution to your paper trail with capture automation. Here’s how document capture solutions can take your business to the next level:

Template Based Optical Character Recognition (OCR): For high volume environments where there is a degree of standardization in document formats, Template Based Image Processing allows administrators to create templates for extracting data based on its location within the document. The data extraction accuracy of these Positional Fields is greatly enhanced through the use of Marker Zones which help ensure the correct orientation of the template by defining its attributes. Captured data is then fed through a validation process that checks the quality of the information before it is released. If errors arise, the data is re-directed so corrections can be made.

Web Based Design Canvas: Accessing documents on the go is extremely important in order to keep the flow of business information moving. With capture automation software a visual representation of the process can be created by the administrator from virtually anywhere in the world through a highly intuitive web-based interface. The document processes can be mapped out on an easy to use drag and drop canvas, with defined steps for each action within the workflow activity. Once the documents are scanned into the system they can be accessed, edited and updated in real time no matter where you are.

Multi-functional Printer (MFP) Integration: MFPs can save space, time, and provide you with functionality that your normal office equipment doesn’t offer. With advanced functionality comes the ability to integrate with capture automation software. Direct integration enables the MFP to function as a scanning device where you can capture data, separate it, classify, and release it, all from the MFP touch panel. Enhance poor quality images, notify users once their document arrives in the archive and convert your documents into PDFs in a few easy steps. With MFP integration, productivity is improved plus search and retrieval is a breeze. You simply place the document on the scanner, push the button, and let the MFP do the work for you.

Scalability: As the amount of paperwork increases with the growth of your company, advanced capture software solutions will adapt along with it.  A normal system can only handle so many documents, but with GlobalCapture capture automation software from Square 9, you will no longer have to worry about a capacity limit. Document processing is completely unlimited by page count, allowing for more accurate validation of data with the capability of processing hundreds, thousands, even millions of documents per day.

The key to a paperless transition is utilizing the right solutions and methods within your document management system. With capture automation you can be sure to tailor your solution to fit to your company’s needs, while also increasing efficiency, reducing time spent on manual data entry, enhancing productivity, and allowing your business room to grow. If you’re interested in streamlining your paperless processes, contact Square 9 today!

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