The Simplicity of Capture Automation Part I


Speed and accuracy are differentiators in today’s increasingly information-intensive world. Because of this, document capture has transformed into so much more than just scanning documents. Today, document capture capabilities have become complex, surpassing simple process automation and standard workflow actions. The fundamental shift in document capture has led to businesses incorporating it in their daily processes.

But even with all the latest technological advancements and capabilities, capture automation isn’t as complicated as you think.

Document capture is essential for most organizations because of the daily paper trail involved in common business processes. In order to achieve a paperless office, scanning and capture automation is a crucial part of the path to get you there. However, simply feeding paper into a scanner isn’t going to save you time and money. Capture automation software that releases documents into a file system, creates folder structures, captures and extracts data, is where the real value comes into play, eliminating costs and increasing productivity. True capture automation will drive up your ROI.

You see, capture is all about the end result. It’s about making business information dynamic to serve its role within daily company processes. It’s not about capturing the documents as much as it is about capturing the relevant data held in documents, and putting this information to use for faster, more informed decision-making.

Getting started with a capture automation solution is simple as it delivers flexible options which allow small to medium sized businesses to jump right in, with the availability of scaling up to enterprise proportions. Advanced functionality can be added anytime to meet the unique needs (and budget) of your business as it continues to grow. Don’t be afraid to start small and add later.

For organizations looking to extract data trapped on paper documents, capture automation delivers proven technology to extract that data and transform into business intelligence. Capture automation software also provides:

  • Full-page OCR turns a scan into a text-searchable PDF document
  • Barcodes on documents can be read for key data like invoice numbers
  • Fields on a document can be used to lookup related data in the database
  • Conditional routing of documents with email notification to recipients
  • Automated directory creation and file naming through extracted data

Data capture automation technology has proven benefits, such as saving time, money and aggravation, by making information instantly available to expedite approvals and enable quicker decision-making. This leaves the door open for organizations to take advantage of early pay discounts, while avoiding penalties for late payments. This also allows companies to easily comply with audit regulations by quickly and seamlessly proving payments. Best of all, effective document capture automation means that time previously spent on processing invoices can be redirected to more meaningful work, maximizing productivity.

Are you ready to get started with capture essentials? Contact Square 9 today for a demo of GlobalCapture Convey or visit for more information. Stay tuned for Part II of this blog series to learn how to put capture essentials to use.



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