Get the Most Out of GlobalSearch 4.5

Ready to explore what the new web interface for GlobalSearch 4.5 has to offer? This video series is about 30 minutes in length and will quickly familiarize you with different aspects of the browser client, including newly enhanced features and functionality.

Section 1: Accessing the Browser Client

Learn what the GlobalSearch Browser Client is and how to access it.

Section 2: Touring the Browser Client

Learn how to navigate through the GlobalSearch Browser Client.

Section 3: Capturing Documents in the Browser Client

Learn how to add new documents into GlobalSearch.

Section 4: Searching and Opening a Document in the Browser Client

Learn how to find and view your GlobalSearch documents.

Section 5: Touring Search Results in the Browser Client

Learn how to display your Search results in any way that makes it most helpful to you, and edit identifying document information directly from the Search Result pane.