GlobalSearch for Insurance

Increase Efficiency and Eliminate Costly Inconsistencies

GlobalSearch allows users to process insurance information in less time, with less resources, speeding up processes and keeping clients happy.

Square 9 Gives Insurers the Ability To:

  • Managepolicyholder insurance cards, coverage policies and preprinted forms electronically
  • Streamlinebusiness processes and provide fast, company-wide access to policy information
  • Decreaseadministrative labor costs by eliminating paper-based filing
  • Automateinternal policy management and enforce document-based business rules

Case Study

GlobalSearch Insures Against Inefficiency and Loss

“GlobalSearch really impresses our clients! When a client calls and we need to find a document, I can often retrieve it in just a few seconds and then email it to them while we’re still talking. It’s very satisfying to hear them exclaim ‘How did you get that so fast?’ I estimate that GlobalSearch is saving our firm the cost of one employee-day per week and more than $14,500 in cost savings annually because that valuable time is now being utilized to perform other tasks. ”

Mary Bishop
Senior Client Manager, Construction Risk Partners

How is GlobalSearch Used in Insurance Agencies?

  • Policy Forms
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Claims Records
  • Change Requests
  • Benefits Packages
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resources