Document Management Software for Insurance

Increase Efficiency and Eliminate Costly Inconsistencies

GlobalSearch allows users to process insurance information in less time, with less resources, speeding up processes and keeping clients happy.

Square 9 Gives Insurers the Ability To:

  • Managepolicyholder insurance cards, coverage policies and preprinted forms electronically
  • Streamlinebusiness processes and provide fast, company-wide access to policy information
  • Decreaseadministrative labor costs by eliminating paper-based filing
  • Automateinternal policy management and enforce document-based business rules

Case Study

GlobalSearch Insures Against Inefficiency and Loss

“GlobalSearch really impresses our clients! When a client calls and we need to find a document, I can often retrieve it in just a few seconds and then email it to them while we’re still talking. It’s very satisfying to hear them exclaim ‘How did you get that so fast?’ I estimate that GlobalSearch is saving our firm the cost of one employee-day per week and more than $14,500 in cost savings annually because that valuable time is now being utilized to perform other tasks. ”

Mary Bishop
Senior Client Manager, Construction Risk Partners

How is GlobalSearch Used in Insurance Agencies?

  • Policy Forms
  • Enrollment Applications
  • Claims Records
  • Change Requests
  • Benefits Packages
  • Accounts Payable
  • Accounts Receivable
  • Human Resources