3 Reasons You Need Document Solutions to Better Manage Your Properties

As a residential or commercial property manager, you need to ensure that the properties under your care operate smoothly, maintain their appearance, and either preserve or increase in value. From inspections to hiring maintenance staff and managing contracts, property managers need to cover all the bases. But attracting and retaining tenants has become increasingly more difficult with today’s competitive market. That’s where document management solutions can help!

Enterprise content management software, also known as document management, will enable property managers to run real estate operations as effectively as possible. Document management software provides a comprehensive and flexible set of tools crafted to help you take on today’s paper-based challenges by managing leases, contracts, notices, and other property records in a secure yet accessible, digital document system. Here are the top three reasons you need document solutions to better manage your properties!

  • Save Time – Innovative document management software can automate manual processes, save time, and increase productivity for residential and commercial property managers. Easily manage facility records and access them on the go, with browser-based solutions that provide anywhere, anytime access to your documents. By adding a web forms solution, tenants can submit a maintenance request or sign a lease directly from a laptop, smartphone, or tablet device – no need to meet in the office! Data capture automation automatically pulls metadata values from property records to the document database, without manual data entry. With everything stored in an organized and searchable database, you never have to waste time digging for a particular file. This in return, improves customer service with easy access to contracts, lease agreements, and receipts, so tenants and owners are never left waiting. When it’s time to review leases and property notices, automatic email notifications will inform owners and staff of upcoming deadlines, to ensure no steps are missed.
  • Reduce Costs – Document management software helps you keep costs under control for your commercial real estate properties by delivering the tools to keep residents satisfied and protect profit margins. Document management software streamlines workflow by automating everyday manual tasks. This allows you to save costs of filing and retrieving property files, and having to hire additional staff. With a digital document database, property managers can eliminate printing to dramatically reduce paper and ink expenses. Document capture automation eliminates data entry errors and data entry rework, reducing labor costs. With automatic email notifications based of a document due date or expiration, you can ensure rent is paid on-time and maintenance staff are kept busy. Plus, employees can instantly search and retrieve all property records to make faster, more accurate decisions with data related to everything from market and commodity prices, to zoning and planning changes. With a document management solution, property managers can automate the lease process and better manage the entire property lifecycle.
  • Stay Compliant – A document management system keeps important documents secure, yet easily retrievable by the appropriate staff members. You can rest assured your multifamily property documents are kept organized and protected with a comprehensive, browser-based solution. Granular security provides user-based sign-in access, keeping databases, archives, documents, and feature-level security enforced. Document management software helps you stay in compliance with changing lease standards and Affordable Housing program requirements for property management needs. The audit trail logs all document actions by date and user with convenient filtering and export options, to provide full visibility into business output. An effective document management system keeps all records, including important plans and facilities documents, always available and backed up to comply with real estate regulations. Administrators can easily manage policies and control who is authorized to view or access certain documents in compliance with real estate laws and regulations.

Implementing a document management system to manage property records enables your team to make faster, more-informed decisions that drive value! Square 9 offers a complete platform of document management products for capturing documents, extracting high value data, classifying that data into information and integrating it into existing business processes for greater efficiency. Document management software can transform the way property managers manage residential, commercial and industrial real estate. Contact Square 9 today to learn more and to schedule a live software demonstration!

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