4 Helpful Tools That Can Support Your Digital Transformation

A well-designed ECM solution streamlines business, reduces costs, and boosts efficiency, but there are oftentimes ways to further the benefits from your solutions. Most ECM packages contain tools that are often free and aid in boosting the effectiveness of your solution. As with all products, however, the tools worth having often depend on your needs. Here are a few of our customer’s favorite tools that help them make the most of GlobalSearch ECM and set it apart from other solutions in our industry.

KeyFree Indexing: Saves Time Processing Documents

KeyFree Indexing is a fantastic tool for boosting data capture efficiency. With this feature, users can click on any text within a scanned document while indexing it to automatically complete the field. This feature is great for boosting user productivity. After all, keystrokes add up, and once in a rhythm, users will be able to move through this streamlined process much faster than they would be manually indexing. The feature also accounts for the limitations of OCR technology, giving previews of the index fields before filling them and allowing for quick and easy edits with the control key before completing a field.

Positional OCR: Perfect for Larger Document Loads

If you tend to work with larger document loads, it might be worth considering Positional OCR. This technology learns and recognizes the positional formats of your documents and completes the index fields accordingly while moving between documents seamlessly. With the right amount of processing power and a bit of personal oversight, this solution will process massive quantities of documents quickly and accurately.

File XChange: Quick Access To Documents

File XChange is a great tool to consider if you frequently work with documents on your local hard drive. This tool creates an additional folder in your local file tree that contains access to your entire GlobalSearch file repository. The folder has all of the GlobalSearch indexing and search functionality readily available allowing for easy editing, uploading, and retrieval of documents and utilizes permission-based access to create a secure and compliant environment.

Image XChange: Convenient Access To Files

Image XChange is highly useful for those who frequently work with information stored in GlobalSearch on third-party applications. After selecting a hotkey combination, you can select any text to bring up GlobalSearch documents associated with it. You don’t even have to leave the application you are working in. For example, suppose you were looking at an account in Salesforce, and you needed to reference a sales contract. In that case, you could capture the contract number and instantaneously bring up an image of that contract, eliminating the need to load new applications or tabs while still getting you the information you need.

These tools and more are available only from Square 9 Softworks. If you are interested in ways to save time, process documents, share information, or conveniently access your files, contact your local sales representative for a demo.

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