Getting Started with Content Management in the Cloud

Did you know, a recent IDC study reports an average five-year return on investment (ROI) of 404% for document management implementations? Even more, half of the organizations surveyed experienced payback as early as six months! Savings like this are hard to ignore! Modern technology has given businesses the opportunity to host and manage documents more efficiently in a digital, cloud-based environment. Cloud-based document management is the affordable way to safely and securely create, collaborate, and share information both internally and externally.

Getting started with a cloud-hosted enterprise content management (ECM) solution is easy and immediate. Designed to be delivered at the same time as your office equipment, or simply configured into your existing devices, your team will discover a world of increased document efficiency in a matter of minutes! In addition, there is no need for expensive and timely Professional Services installations, added infrastructure, upgrades, or lengthy backups. By leveraging the scanning capabilities of your multifunctional printer (MFP), documents are digitally converted and managed in a secure and accessible cloud platform.

cloud-hosted document management platform comes equipped with a collection of pre-configured solutions for common business applications such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contract Management. These pre-built solution offerings give users a platform to immediately begin automating the flow of information.

Critical business data is captured, stored, and organized in a meaningful and consistent way so users can quickly search and retrieve information when needed. Predefining roles, access rights, search terms and retention schedules ensures your team gets the most out of the software instantly.

One of the great things about a content management solution is its ability to be customized for the unique needs of any organization. Upon implementation of a cloud ECM solution, it is easy to compliment your system to include add-ons like business process automation, advanced digital transformation strategies and even web forms management. As your business continues to grow and the amount of paperwork increases, your cloud-based system can easily be scaled without the headache and costly fees.

There is no better place to securely protect your information than in the cloud! Cloud content management software hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform ensures users have real-time access to their information from any modern browser through one of the most respected and trusted cloud platforms available. Designed for 99.99% availability and 99.9999% document durability, your information is safe, secure, backed up, and always available for critical decision making.

Don’t miss out! With cloud computing on the rise, Square 9’s GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials is the last content management platform your business will ever need. Contact Square 9 today to get started with an affordable, easy to use solution for getting control of your business content while reducing the cost of managing information.

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