Getting Started with Document Management Software

According to a AIIM, 92% of organizations say that removing paper from business processes is a constant objective, but still 20% of businesses claim that their paper consumption is actually increasing. If your company has not made the switch to a paperless office, it’s time to start. Document management software provides users the ability to digitize, organize, store, manage and track documents from a secure, centralized repository – making it a no brainer! Let’s explore 6 key features and functionalities to look for when choosing a document management solution.

Instant Access

With technology continually advancing, expectations in the workplace have changed. Employees are expected to have access to information 24/7 whether they are remote, working from home, or traveling. Digitally storing documents gives users instant access from their laptop, smartphone, or tablet, from anywhere, at any time.

Search and Retrieve

Finding a single document in a pile of papers or a file cabinet drawer is like finding a needle in a haystack. Implementing a document management platform provides a single point of access for all documents and gives users the ability to locate records instantly using any combination of keywords, phrases, addresses and more.

Enhanced Security

Unlike paper documents, storing digitized documents gives users the ability to protect sensitive information by controlling document level access, user rights and administrative settings. Document management software goes above and beyond to keep businesses prepared for audits and avoid costly compliance penalties.

Improve Collaboration

Cut out the middleman and keep business moving! With a single, shared environment, users can access, view, and edit a document in real time. Even better, users can create custom document workflows based on the type of document to ensure it is shared with the appropriate contacts, while providing insight into its lifecycle from beginning to end.

Reduce Storage

Clear off your desk, empty out your drawers and ditch the bulky file cabinets! Digitally storing your documents optimizes office space by eliminating the need for storage boxes and filing cabinets, which saves you money – especially if files are being stored offsite.

Disaster Recovery

Paper documents are unprotected and can be easily damaged, lost or stolen. It is crucial to be prepared for when disaster strikes, whether it be theft, fire, or a natural disaster. Digitally securing your records ensures business continues as usual, even when disaster strikes!

It is important to choose a document management solution that meets your needs and fits your budget. Square 9 Softworks does both while also providing software that is secure, intuitive, easy-to-use, and customizable. Schedule a demo today to see how easy it is to replace your paper processes with more efficient and productive digital document workflows.

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