How Digitally Transforming Your School District Can Lead To Higher Employee Satisfaction

For the faculty, staff, educators, and administrators in any K-12 school system, paperwork is a begrudgingly accepted part of the job. Districts are responsible for information ranging from student health and academic records to teacher certifications and maintenance requests. All of this paperwork can be time-consuming to process, taking attention away from the more critical and rewarding aspects of your job. Luckily, by digitally transforming your district, you can improve the job satisfaction of faculty and staff while improving security, compliance, and efficiency.

What Contributes To Employee Satisfaction?

According to one study conducted on job enjoyment, 73% of employees enjoy their work when they consider it meaningful, and 84% of employees consider work fun when they are empowered to make decisions. Furthermore, 89% of employees enjoy taking on new challenges (Scardillo Anthony, 2017). Most people would be hard-pressed to fit managing documents into any of these categories. Monotonous, routine paperwork takes time away from the parts of any job that are meaningful, empowering, and newly challenging, and spending too much time managing this paperwork can lead to decreased job satisfaction.

How Digital Transformation Can Help

A digital transformation solution like Square 9’s Education Essentials can help drastically with managing all of these documents and boosting satisfaction. It can also secure sensitive information, maintain FERPA and HIPAA compliance, and use access controls to ensure faculty and staff have access to only their designated information.

Satisfaction Booster 1: Save Time Looking For Documents

Digitally transforming your document-related processes can save you tremendous amounts of time searching for lost and missing documents. According to Gartner, employees spend 50% of their time searching for information. Imagine all the meaningful work you could do with that time! A proper content management solution allows you to easily search for documents and information and retrieve it in seconds.

Satisfaction Booster 2: Automate Monotonous Tasks

Automating tasks such as document routing can save time and make these routine tasks less tedious. Automated routing also eliminates the need to chase down documents that have been passed along. Having process automation as part of your digital transformation solution makes this all possible. Luckily, Square 9’s Education Essentials includes process automation for common tasks in K-12 education.

Satisfaction Booster 3: Streamlined Form Completion

Filling out forms in a well-designed web forms management solution can automate calculations and repetitive data entries and guide you through the form completion process. This further frees up your time while also eliminating some of the confusion around more complex forms.

Satisfaction Booster 4: Increased Visibility

With a digital transformation solution, you can instantly see which forms and documents are missing. For example, did a student forget to submit their immunization records? Search their name to painlessly check and follow up. Want to see who can go on the class field trip? Instantly pull up a list of submitted permission slips to find out. This visibility eliminates the need to sift through paperwork and provides immediate and useful information to educators and staff.

Ultimately, all of these digital changes free up time for the best parts of your job and simplify the parts that are less enjoyable, all while making your school district more efficient.

Why Should You Care About Employee Satisfaction?

Imagine a digital transformation in your district and how it can affect the lives of students and educators alike. Teachers spend countless hours on paperwork for the sake of their kids. Many of these hours are even unpaid. Yet, most educators are dedicated to assisting and enriching their students in any way they can. With more control over their time and less hassle when it comes to managing their documents, teachers will have more time for lesson plans, tutoring, and parental communication. With fewer administrative headaches, they will also have a refreshed mindset to engage their students better.

Square 9 develops leading solutions for Content managementdata captureweb forms, and workflow automation. To see what digital transformation can do for your school district and what it has already done for so many, click here.

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