How Pre-designed Solution Structures Benefit ECM Software Users

The flow of business information is often complex. When companies look to improve this flow, by changing key structures or the method with which information is handled, an enormous amount of time and money is spent assessing processes, hiring consultants and brainstorming solutions. However, many companies who use enterprise content management (ECM) software to manage their workflow can now benefit from pre-designed solution templates for building new business applications in a few simple steps!

With proven ways to set up workflow solutions across a variety of industries, departments and company sizes, pre-designed structures for ECM databases provide several benefits to those looking to expand on existing information management installations. Let’s explore the key benefits of implementing pre-designed databases to your document management solution.

  • Common Needs: Although every business is unique, many companies that have departments or industries in common share similar problems that can often be solved with similar solutions. Prime examples of this are the accounts payable and human resources departments. One would be hard pressed to find a company that does not have these departments or at the very least an equivalent of them. Countless companies use ECM software to manage these departments. A few methods for setting up the software have been found to be incredibly effective in alleviating their pains, by offering the key folder structure and search settings necessary for each department, including three-way matching for accounts payable. Industry leading ECM solutions now offer preset options that save incredible amounts of time and money during setup for non-technical users of software.
  • Less Consulting For companies that are unsure of the structural needs of their workflow solution, it is very likely that one of the pre-designed solution structures will work for them. Although the size of the company, the industries in which it is involved and the departments in which the solution is to be implemented will play a critical role in deciding which structure to use, choosing from a few proven methods is far easier than trying to develop a solution from scratch. With an easy to use, wizard-style template builder, staff members will likely not require the need of an outside consultant.
  • A Good Starting Point Even if your company does not fit into one of the given structures, there is still a good chance that large parts of at least one of these pre-designed options are usable to build off. This allows the design to work as a template, providing a solid foundation and some direction for the solution in progress. This will make the process of developing your unique solution faster and easier, allowing for a sooner launch with a significantly reduced chance of complications.

Pre-designed solution structures are an incredible asset to any ECM user. They offer the opportunity to capitalize off common business and industry needs to provide guidance in setting up a solution for your company. This guidance can greatly speed up the conversion process and reduce the need for outside help, allowing you to get off the ground faster, often at a reduced cost. If you’re ready to add a pre-designed database to your ECM solution, contact Square 9 today to get started!

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