How Real Customers Leverage GlobalSearch API Functionality

Paper-intensive companies turn to GlobalSearch Document Management for a number of reasons. GlobalSearch is an easy to implement, easy to use and extremely flexible solution, built to eliminate inefficient paper processes and reduce manual data management. But when searching for the right document management software, time and time again, prospective customers will ask one deal-breaking question: “Can I access files stored in the digital database from my other business applications?” With GlobalSearch, the answer is yes!

GlobalSearch provides a number of tools for enabling cohesion between business applications. A powerful integration solution, GlobalSearch’s RESTful API allows for the creation of calls that make repetitive processes increasingly more efficient.

An Application Programming Interface (API) specifies how certain software components can interact with each other. Calls available through Square 9’s API include authentication, licensing, database access, searching, document actions and many other functions to improve the way you do business operations. With the release, new functionality has been added to the REST API library, allowing integrators to form calls for moving, copying and deleting records in GlobalSearch to create a variety of user-specific system operations including document indexing, storage and retrieval functions. This, in return, allows for the seamless transfer of data between GlobalSearch and any internal line of business applications to save time and eliminate bottlenecks.

Here are some examples of how real GlobalSearch customers are leveraging the power of Square 9’s new API functionality.

Pull/Push Documents

Integrating with the API provides users the ability to pull or push documents stored within GlobalSearch into or out of their own line of business application. A Square 9 customer from the manufacturing and distribution industry leverages this functionality to push order values stored in GlobalSearch to a specifically formatted URL. This allows the company’s operators to then access the URL and quickly locate corresponding documentation for cargo to be loaded onto their container ships for distribution.

Another customer, Airline Reporting Corporation, created an internal website for their agents to upload necessary documentation. These documents are then automatically pushed from the website into GlobalSearch where they are involuntarily indexed using data grabbed from each individual document when captured into the system.

View/Search Documents

With the API, users can pull documents located within GlobalSearch by creating a link or a button within an internally developed application. Custom icons or hyperlinks can be created within that application allowing users to view documents stored in GlobalSearch without the need to switch programs; clicking it within the existing application will immediately pull back results from GlobalSearch. By simplifying this search process, it allows users to provide a greater level of service.

Square 9 customer, Modern Medical, is a medical claims and billing company who hosts their own internally developed software for their customers. In that application, they had several areas where a user could view certain documents relating to claims. In each of those areas the user was presented with an icon/hyperlink to click and view any available documents in GlobalSearch.

In another instance, IATSE National Benefits Fund uses GlobalSearch to efficiently manage contracts and specifically streamline the retrieval of those contracts. They have integrated GlobalSearch with one of their internal applications called Syntonic. IATSE also full text OCRs each and every contract created, so that the contents (in image format) are easily searchable. IATSE can then click a button directly from a record in Syntonic, and the system will automatically search for and open the corresponding image document in GlobalSearch.

Activate Workflows

In this new version of the GlobalSearch API, users can trigger workflows to open up a number of document routing possibilities. For example, a Square 9 customer was building a website where their company’s customers could login, see outstanding invoices and pay them. This allows customers visibility into their recent purchases and debts, as well as the ability to pay off outstanding invoices. After logging in to the website, any invoices in GlobalSearch with the status of “open” would be displayed. From there, when a customer submits a payment, a workflow can be triggered to mark the invoice as paid or alternatively notify someone in the collections team.

Create Custom Operations

Square 9’s new API offers the ability to write custom applications for end users. A customer recently requested for GlobalSearch to perform functionalities very specific to their company’s exact processes. They wanted GlobalSearch to automatically match up signed delivery receipts with invoices, group them together and email them to the customer for payment. For this project, the Square 9 development team wrote an application which ran solely against our REST based API. The customer received signed delivery receipts and invoices in a single HTML based email.

Square 9’s REST implementation is a simple approach to enabling document management functionality into your existing applications with a rich set of tools for performing all major create, read, update, delete and search operations within the system. End users benefit from the API when they have the means to integrate it into their day to day applications. To learn how to leverage GlobalSearch’s API functionality in your business, contact Square 9 today.

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