The Benefits of Document Management Software for Human Resources

Properly managing internal paperwork is critical for company success, which is why Human Resources is one of the most important areas of business. HR departments are the core of a company, handling business sensitive paperwork that is always subject to change. Managing the lifecycle of each employee that walks through the door is no easy task. If paperwork is damaged or lost, it can negatively impact employees, processes and business structure.


It’s important to have an HR department that is reliable, organized, and compliant. Document Management Software allows critical business paperwork to be easily managed from hire through retirement. With document management software, your Human Resources team can spend less time looking through years’ worth of papers and more time on completing important tasks, all while streamlining daily departmental processes. Let’s take a look at the benefits of implementing document management into your Human Resources processes:

Stay Organized – Every HR department goes through the process of onboarding employees. Whether it is one employee a month or 10 employees a month, the process should be manageable as well as secure. Every new employee is different, causing most companies to face issues with disorganization. Each person has a different salary, PTO, overtime hours, and enrollment benefits that may not have been acquired yet. By eliminating the amount of paper based files, all the important documents are stored in one place, so nothing can get misplaced and they can easily be found.

Streamline Data Processing – When onboarding a new employee, there are many forms where the same data will need to be repeatedly entered manually. But with document management software and the capture capabilities it offers, users can gather this information digitally, have the data automatically pre-populate, and store it for future use. This also provides employees with the option to register for certain benefits, such as time off requests, digitally. The data they enter is linked to a digital workflow that will then be automatically sent to the necessary person for approval, all while decreasing a process that normally could have taken days into a matter of minutes. By implementing eForms, users can also streamline the application process, directly from the company website. The eSignature capabilities allows forms to be digitally signed, eliminating the need to print out, sign, and rescan.

Increase Security – Security and accessibility are critical for any HR department. Social security numbers, salaries, performance reviews and other confidential information need to be stored where only certain people can access them. When you put these important papers in a filing cabinet, anyone can open it. But with document management software, you can digitally store these confidential pieces of information and provide access to certain people through user-based permissions, while also tracking who has viewed or modified each record.

Document management solutions such as Hire to Retire will not only save your HR team time, providing them with quicker responses to employee questions, but it will also save your company money in the long run. By integrating document management software into your workplace you are providing the option to store important data in one place, providing easy accessibility while increasing overall company productivity. Are you ready to start the transition? Contact Square 9 today to learn more.

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