The Era of Digital Transformation in Higher Education

Higher education is faced with the unique challenge of managing a never-ending influx of information. Each semester, new students arrive with applications, enrollment forms, course records, and financial aid paperwork, adding strain to an already stretched admissions department. According to AIIM research, the majority of higher education institutions in the U.S. are planning to use Software as a Service (SaaS) to control the information chaos. With no time to waste, around 30% reported a goal of implementing SaaS within the next 5 years. Of the institutions surveyed, 81.4% are looking to gain better analytics and improve the tracking of student enrollment and performance. Specifically they’re turning straight to document management software to accomplish all of their technology needs.


With an overwhelming amount of paperwork, it comes as no surprise that the education industry faces a number of document management challenges. From staff records to student portfolios, payroll, and residency forms, higher education deals with large volume of information on an everyday basis. For an industry where budget is always under scrutiny, manually managing this information can lead to insanely high paper, labor, and storage costs, all of which are reasons why more institutions are exploring digital document management solutions.

Document management software provides school systems of all sizes with powerful tools to eliminate paper storage, streamline operations and increase efficiency. How does it work? Well, through a complete platform of solutions that capture documents – paper or digital – and extract high value data from those documents for streamlined processing. No more manual data entry or shuffling through piles of paperwork! Document management solutions automatically classify extracted data and integrate it into existing applications like PowerSchool or other student information systems, giving you access to the information you need the moment you need it.

Document management software is like having a personal assistant. It keeps you on track with automatic email notifications when a document is pending your review. It immediately retrieves records based off a simple keyword search. Plus it delivers automated document retention management to remind you of when a document has reached its end of life. Best of all, document management software is easily accessible through the modern browser from virtually any device – but that doesn’t mean it’s not secure! With granular user-based permissions, only staff with the appropriate credentials can view and access the documents they need to complete their work. The software secures student information from unauthorized viewing and tampering, allowing institutions to fully comply with FERPA regulations.

What more could you want to improve the productivity of your institution? If you’re ready to eliminate paper-based filing and provide fast, campus-wide access to student records, you now know where to turn. Contact Square 9 today to get started with document management software for higher education.

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