The Evolution of Square 9 Softworks: Past, Present and Future

Since its humble beginning in 2006 at a small coffee shop in New Haven, CT’s historic 9th Square district, Square 9 Softworks has quickly evolved into an industry leading developer of enterprise content management (ECM) solutions that change the way business gets done. Square 9 has been busy over the years, developing modern and innovative solutions that enable businesses of all sizes to take control of paper intensive processes by managing, sharing, and securing their business content. Let’s take a look at how Square 9 has evolved into the chosen provider of digital transformation solutions for businesses worldwide.

With document management software on the rise, organizations across a variety of industries were turning to Square 9 to eliminate the headaches of managing paper-based processes. By 2015, Square 9 had seen an 865% growth over a five-year period, forcing the company to relocate their headquarters to a larger location in New Haven to accommodate their growing staff. Continuing to keep up with the evolving ECM market, Square 9 added their next-generation business process automation workflow engine, GlobalAction®, to their solutions portfolio. GlobalAction promotes business efficiency through web-based workflow functionalities, streamlining process automation. With success on the rise, Square 9 hosted their first Encompass Conference, inviting its dedicated dealer channel and their customers to Clearwater Beach, Florida. The 3-day conference gave attendees the ability to learn more about the culture and beliefs of Square 9, their products, and the direction of the industry.

In 2016, Square 9 changed the name of its flagship enterprise content management product, SmartSearch, to GlobalSearch®. This change represented a larger branding initiative to position Square 9’s GlobalSuite of solutions for the future of the ECM industry. The GlobalSuite of solutions, which includes GlobalSearch®, GlobalCapture®, GlobalAction®, and GlobalForms®, closes the gap between web and desktop applications with enhanced browser-based functionality. Shortly after, Square 9 implemented their eLearning program, a virtual classroom experience developed for users who are interested in understanding the unique features and functionality of the Square 9 product suite, while gaining the skills to utilize the software to the fullest. The eLearning program allows attendees to benefit from 24/7 online education while avoiding high travel costs and time out of the office.

Square 9 took a big leap in 2017 with the release of GlobalSearch 4.5, creating a unified user experience across its cloud, web and on-premise platforms. With a highly intuitive, web-based user interface, users enjoy the convenience of a browser-based experience with the features of a desktop content management application. Another big initiative for Square 9 in 2017 was to streamline the approach to solutions delivery, resulting in the implementation of the Agile Project Management strategy. The new methodology has allowed the Square 9 Professional Services Group to be more responsive to customers, more flexible in how we react to change, and more specialized in the way we utilize our resources.

Square 9 kicked off 2018 with the release of GlobalCapture 2.1, featuring GlobalForms 10, a unified capture strategy expanding functionality for process automation with the strength of web forms. This release allows web forms management to be easily added to an existing instance of GlobalCapture or as a standalone solution that does not require the GlobalSearch ECM platform. Another main focus for Square 9 in 2018 was the relaunch of the enhanced, highly scalable and intuitive cloud-hosted enterprise content management solution, GlobalSearch C2. GlobalSearch C2 increases office productivity, eliminates unwanted technology infrastructures, and is an affordable ECM option with a quick return on investment. The benefits of C2 are not only suitable for end users but was developed with Resellers in mind, providing them with a simplified solution that is easily delivered, a recurring revenue stream and enhances the value of their hardware offering.

The new year kicked off with the launch of GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials, a bold new strategy for solutions delivery. Business Essentials provides a powerful and highly secure ECM platform that supports common business applications with built in solutions for managing Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources and Contract Management content. But that’s not all! There is so much more in store for Square 9 in 2019! Make sure to subscribe to Square 9 Marketing Communications to receive the latest news, product updates and offers.

With Square 9, you’ll experience an enterprise content management partner focused on delivering next-generation document management products, providing reliable and prompt support, and continuously evolving to meet our customers’ business needs. Contact Square 9 today to learn more about the benefits of implementing an enterprise content management solution.

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