Trends in ECM: Web-Based Document Management Takes the Lead

Enterprise Content Management (ECM) has been a longtime proven necessity for businesses looking to establish more efficient document processes. Also known as document management, ECM has evolved overtime, and continues to do so as a number of new trends have emerged. But behind each new development is the same theme – taking the comfortability of the desktop to the web.


From mobile accessibility to workflow advancements, email integration and more, web-based ECM trends are making life easier for businesses of all sizes and every industry. Let’s review 3 of the most influential trends in document management today.

  1. The Science of Simplicity
    When something is easy to use, it is easy to understand. This is particular true when it comes to software like document management solutions. Taking document management to the web ensures that the features you are familiar with in the desktop client are combined with the convenience of the modern browser to provide a simplified, user-friendly experience. The web offers the opportunity to present intuitive layouts of documents and their data, so that users can perform their everyday actions within an easily understood display of information. Trending functionality includes thumbnail previews, editable table layouts, and multi-record updating, each of which deliver new customizable opportunities for working with documents more efficiently in the web. 


  2. Leveraging the Devices You Use Most
    It’s no surprise that mobile-friendly development is essential these days. We are glued to our smartphones and tablets. Whether checking emails or calling clients, these are the tools that enable us to get more work done, more efficiently. By bringing document management to the web, users can keep work moving by accessing business-critical documents via their mobile device, wherever and whenever. And when you’re back in front of your laptop, the latest document management software can launch content from the browser directly to your most commonly used applications including Microsoft™ Word®, Excel®, and ever PowerPoint®. With web-based ECM, work doesn’t have to stop just because you’re out of office. 


  3. Boosting Collaboration through Integration
    Seamless collaboration across departments can be the difference-maker between your business and the competition. But it’s not always as easy as it sounds. One of the biggest bottlenecks for collaboration happens to be within the platform we use everyday – email. Collaborating via email makes it difficult to track updates within a document or recall previous versions, or quickly notify someone of a change. By connecting with local email clients, document management is making the sharing of information easier than ever with direct integration to the most popular platforms including Microsoft™ Outlook®. Even more, users can automate the flow of information into accounting applications like Intuit’s QuickBooks® to create invoices or vendor bills without additional data entry. This innovative data integration works to eliminate bottlenecks in communication across accounting departments, enabling your team to process more information in less time.

With browser-based functionality, today’s document management software can grow with your organization and it’s evolving needs, boosting productivity and business efficiency. Regardless of company size or industry, integrated, user-friendly document management solutions can give your business a leg up on the competition by seamlessly transitioning processes into the web.

If your current document management solution doesn’t offer the innovative capabilities of working in the web, then it’s time to look for a new solution. Contact Square 9 today to get started!

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