Why Upgrade from Manual Processing to Document Automation

How much time do you spend each day manually typing in data? Think about it. It could take hours, even days to process documents and sometimes even longer to find them. Document management software uses the power of automation to simplify these daily tasks, significantly reducing the time it would normally take to manually process documents. It allows employees to streamline administrative responsibilities, like organizing and filing papers, while providing more time to focus on higher priorities.


By automating your business processes with document management software, your company can instantly improve the following three areas of business, immediately enabling an increase in communication, productivity and efficiency:

Capture – Manual data entry can lead to errors and confusion. But with capture automation you can scan your documents into a device, automatically extracting and indexing data from each page. That data is then stored into your document management software where it is analyzed, sent to the appropriate people or third party programs, and properly archived for easy retrieval. The next time someone goes to enter customer information into the system, it is already captured and repopulated into the designated fields, eliminating repetitive entry.

Workflow – Managing the accuracy and timeliness of projects can be tricky, especially when multiple people are involved. Instead of constantly checking in and waiting on your employees, workflow automation ensures business processes are on track, reducing errors in communication. Workflows can be set up to send automatic notifications to anyone involved in a project, ensuring business tasks are completed on time. The built in oversight abilities also help to better manage employees. With this feature, you can check in and see who has completed a task, and what still needs to be done. That way, you can talk to the necessary people without having to pull others away from their work. Having the ability to map out automated business processes greatly improves communication between employees as well as productivity.

Integration – One of the biggest challenges with digital business today is managing content and data between multiple business programs and applications. Not all of a company’s departments use the same programs, making it hard to collaborate enterprise-wide. Manually editing documents across different programs will ultimately lead to additional (and unnecessary) rounds of revision. Having to email documents back and forth not only takes time, but it can lead to errors, costing you more than you think. Automation allows the data you designate to be automatically shared with the business programs employees use most, through powerful integration capabilities. This type of integration ensures employees, partners, and customers have access to their documents, no matter what platform they are using.

It’s time to ditch old fashioned manual processing to become a better organized, more efficient and collaborative company. Are you ready make the switch to automation with document management software? Contact Square 9 today to get started!

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