4 Ways Your Company Can Benefit from Cloud Based Document Management

Every organization is looking for new ways to work more efficiently with less resources. Cloud computing allows businesses to gain new capabilities on demand, without investing in additional hardware or software solutions. For this reason, the amount of businesses moving to cloud environments continues to accelerate at a fast rate. In fact, AIIM reports that within the next year, 54% of organizations plan on moving to the cloud to streamline everyday operations while meeting information government requirements.

Here are the top four ways your company can benefit from simplified cloud content management:

1. Reduced Costs & IT Maintenance – Lowering the cost of managing information is a constant goal of businesses today. How much are you spending on your current IT infrastructure? If you factor in the physical hardware, on-premise data centers, plus the cost of storage, it can be quite expensive. One benefit of using cloud computing services is that firms can avoid the upfront cost and complexity of maintaining their own IT infrastructure. With a simple “pay for what you need, when you need it” methodology, cloud hosted enterprise content management solutions cost-effectively eliminate unwanted technology infrastructures and unreliable backup processes. Cloud document management platforms are easy to use, but still powerful and flexible enough to grow with your business.

2. Secured Information That’s Available & Compliant – Protecting sensitive business documents is a top priority. By implementing a cloud hosted content management platform, your business is taking the necessary steps to ensure critical data is secure. With HTTPS transmission protocols, in transit encryption (SSL) and at rest encryption (AES-256 Standard), cloud-hosted environments protect information in adherence with regulatory standards for HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, IS0 9001 and more. With the cloud, your information is protected, yet also available when you need it through 99.99% availability and document durability.

3. Tools for Common Business Activities – The best cloud hosted document management solutions are equipped with a collection of solution templates designed for common business applications including Human Resources and Account Payable management. By investing in the cloud software, you get a pre-designed database, so you can get started right away and add on to it as needed. These business solution templates are made available, so your team can easily tend to common business cases with a guideline, which saves time and enables you to get off the ground faster. Users can then securely find and share captured business information with powerful database driven search capabilities. Your staff will have no problem finding information immediately and collaborating without wasted effort.

4. Unlimited Extensibility with Highly Affordable Options – Your cloud solution can be used for so much more than storage. Add advanced document capture to your cloud hosted environment for transforming scanned documents into high value data. You can also extend capture to the cloud with document capture automation, which adds extended levels of pre-processing documents for delivery to the cloud including automated separation, data capture and classification, and text searchable PDF conversion.

Could your organization benefit from anytime, anywhere access to information? Or maybe, you need help improving the security of business data. Whatever your challenges, a cloud based document management software could help increase office productivity while streamlining the management of your business content. Contact Square 9 today to get started!

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