Best Practices for Remote Access for Businesses

With WHO declaring Coronavirus(COVID-19) a pandemic, more and more companies are considering their workplace options. As a result, many asking their employees to work remotely as a precaution against COVID-19. With this in mind, below are some best practices regarding remote access to your company’s most important information.

Develop a company-wide remote access plan – Take inventory of how each department works today, get the answers similarly to these questions to start defining your plan:

  • What information do employees need access to?
  • What systems currently hold this information?
  • Is this information stored in systems that can be accessed remotely?

Security – Before employees can access company information or documents remotely (in the cloud), they must first be granted the appropriate access. This means, depending on position, responsibilities, or level, employees will need different document views, access, and editing permissions.

Keep your software up-to-date – Modernize your companies processes. Things such as moving away from paper to digital processes you can make working remote a smoother transition for your workforce. Make sure your software is up to date to ensure remote access for your employees continues to be effective.

Backup – Document management software gives you ease of mind. Plus, you have the ability to backup, access, recover, automate, and trace documents. Storing documents in one centralized location and automating workflows helps to keep business moving. And your customers happy, no matter what circumstances may arise.In the news: What Companies Can Learn From COVID-19 Remote Learning ‘Experiments’, learn more about how companies are adjusting and learning regarding remote work in this Forbes article.

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