Business Challenges for Non-profits and How to Solve Them

Non-profit organizations do tremendous work to improve and reshape the world for the better, but many of these organizations face serious financial and logistical challenges when it comes to conducting business and managing paperwork. When these challenges are not met with a proper solution, they can compile, wasting valuable time and money that could be better used elsewhere.  Cost-effective document management software greatly aids in solving many of the issues that lead to this build-up, allowing non-profit organizations to focus more time on the things that matter most.


Nearly all non-profits share a constant need to fundraise. This endeavor often requires tracking large quantities of data on previous and potential funders, as well as giving detailed reports to past donors, eager to know how their hard-earned money is being used. Document management solutions can help organize information on potential benefactors, allowing it to be retrieved by anyone who may need it. In addition, these systems can automate much of the work involved in filling out financial reports like 990 forms and tax return sheets.

Human Resources:

Non-profits face significant challenges when it comes to human resources. The need to rely on volunteers often results in high employee turnover and unfamiliarity with the field. In addition, training can be difficult to implement as non-profits often do not have the finances to hire experienced, high-quality management. That is why business process automation, a key component in many document management systems, can help greatly with the employee onboarding process by keeping track of employee information and helping to automate paperwork such as W-4 and I-9 forms. Content management software is also incredibly user friendly, ensuring employees learn to use it with ease.

The Cause:

Whether your organization feeds the homeless or rescues elephants from poachers, keeping track of who you helped, what you changed, and what still needs to be done is essential, but is often incredibly difficult. Document management software can aid in this process, helping track the information of soup kitchen visitors or tagged animals, poverty rates or population estimates. It can even help track the number of vaccines administered to at risk populations or the improvement of recovering veterans, while ensuring your organization stays HIPAA compliant in the process.

The overwhelming amount of information that non-profits must manage is far too much to handle manually on a strict budget. Content management software ensures that the labor hours once spent filling out paperwork and searching for information will be put to better use, so that your non-profit can truly make a difference. Contact Square 9 today to learn more about the value of document management software for non-profit organizations.

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