Customer Success Story: GlobalSearch Document Management for Local Government

Did you know, that the average government employee manages over 10,000 sheets of copy paper each year? Most of which, is discarded or misplaced overtime. From a small city office to a national level, government entities are heavily burdened with paperwork. To protect the community, meet economic needs, and ensure high quality service to citizens, it is imperative that government agencies have secure document storage with immediate access to community information. Doing so, will keep municipalities operating at top efficiency with cost-effective and secure process automation.

Sounds great but how do you get started? By implementing a digital content management solution into your office! Leveraging a user-friendly document management system will eliminate storage, streamline document search and retrieval, and decrease the number of misplaced files in your organization. Don’t believe me? Hear from a real Square 9 document management customer handling all real estate deductions, transfers of property, tax sales and much more through the award-winning GlobalSearch solution.

Learn how GlobalSearch enables government entities to save time, facilitate compliance, and reduce costs, while simplifying processes to better serve citizens! Read the customer success story to discover how Floyd County, Indiana is benefiting from innovative document management software!

Read the Case Study!

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