Drive Through Paperwork with Document Management Software for the Transportation Industry

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Annual Statistics Report, the transportation industry is driving the economy at an all time high, connecting over 7.6 million business establishments with customers, suppliers, and workers. That’s why it’s no surprise that businesses in the transportation and logistics industry are shuffling loads of paperwork between invoices, packing slips, contracts, service repairs – you name it. Time is money, and time spent manually managing paperwork equals money out of your pocket.

As a result, transportation companies like Kobussen Buses have begun using innovative document management solutions to drive manual, paper-based processes forward through the power of business automation. Document management software has helped steer Kobussen Buses through a growth period by building a paperless accounts payable process from the ground up. Subsequently, Kobussen has saved money on the basics like paper and printing costs, but even more, by digitally automating processes, the company has avoided hiring additional staff, saving them hundreds of thousands of dollars annually as they have added new locations.

Could your organization benefit from a digital document management solution for your transportation files and data? Let’s review how document management software contributes to your transportation business by reducing clutter and simplifying everyday processes!

  • Immediate Access to Information. Ditch your unorganized filing cabinets for good! Document management provides instant access to your data so you can better serve your customers from anywhere, at any time. With simple keyword searching, staff has immediate access to invoices, driver records, and more, so they can accomplish their tasks faster and more efficiently.
  • Extract High Value Data. Document management software mines your paperwork for the data that really matters. Whether it’s customer details or vendor information, the browser-based software automatically extracts critical document data so your team has the most accurate information for evaluation. With document management you have the information you need, when you need it most.
  • Keep Drivers On Time. The transportation industry is built on speed and time. With instant access to digital documents, your drivers can easily keep track of multiple routes. Automatic email notifications can be set based off a contract or requested date for service, so your drivers can be automatically reminded of their upcoming schedules.
  • Ensure Safety and Compliance. By digitizing business documents, you can easily track vehicle and driver records to ensure safety and compliance on and off the road. Document management software also helps transportation companies prepare for audits with accurate, accessible, and organized information securely stored in a browser accessible database.
  • Eliminate Office Expenses. Document management software can help your business save time – and money! With a digital document repository in place, your business will dramatically reduce printing, mailing, and storage costs. As streamlined new processes are developed, you will no longer need to budget extra dollars towards payroll. Document management software does the work for you!
  • Integrate with Existing Software. Document management software eliminates repetitive manual data entry by seamlessly integrating with specialized transportation industry software. But that’s not all! It can also integrate with your existing accounting software, CRM programs, and more! Document management provides your team with the most up to date data for better decision making across various departments.

To protect the vital documents processed throughout each business day, more transportation companies are depending on digital document management systems. Are you ready to take your transportation business to the next level? Contact Square 9 today to drive more efficient business processes with document management software!

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