ECM Success from Real Square 9 Customers: Park 100 Foods

Regardless of your type of organization, driving a digital transformation with enterprise content management solutions (ECM) can generate major value for your business – from time-savings to lower operating expenses and increased productivity. Recently, the marketing team at Square 9 Softworks spoke with Park 100 Foods to discuss their success with Square 9’s ECM software and how they’ve achieved ultimate efficiency across multiple business applications.

Park 100 Foods was looking for a scalable document management solution that would do more than securely store all documents, be also automate internal processes through document workflow. They needed a customizable solution to integrate into their existing infrastructure and help realize their digital document management goals.

With multiple locations throughout Indiana, Park 100 Foods specializes in producing custom food solutions as a manufacturer of soups, sauces, and side dishes for restaurant chains across the US. Each location receives multiple shipments a day, and for each shipment, the appropriate documents were being sent via an interoffice envelope to the corporate office for processing. During this transition, documents were getting misplaced and payments were getting delayed. That’s when they turned to Square 9’s GlobalSearch® ECM solution!

In less than a year, the AP department has processed over 50,000 documents into GlobalSearch and their team has seen a 40% increase in productivity, while eliminating the need to hire additional staff. GlobalSearch has allowed their team to scrutinize their current processes in which they noticed a lot of unnecessary steps and redundancy. With Square 9’s powerful automated solutions, Park 100 has been able to create the most efficient business workflows that save employees time to work on more important tasks.

Park 100 was so satisfied with GlobalSearch, they decided to add GlobalForms® web forms management to their solution. The Human Resources department was the first to benefit from GlobalForms by converting all paper documents and forms into electronic versions. From onboarding forms to injury reports, employees are now able to complete their paperwork instantly online via GlobalForms. Once the forms are complete, all the information is stored in a centralized location that can be accessible from all locations and shared with the appropriate team members for more efficient processing. That’s just one of their innovative approaches.

We invite you to learn more about Park 100 Foods and explore their digital transformation in a very unique customer success story!

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