Give Your Business a Jumpstart with the Latest Document Management Tools

According to research by Sophos, 40% of users do not upgrade their business software until processing issues arise. Survey respondents claimed their reluctance to upgrade is because they don’t understand what the upgrade will do, they don’t know the benefits of upgrading, and they are worried about the amount of time and effort involved. But the best stability and software performance is achieved with regular and planned software maintenance.

New software updates provide your business with the latest features and functionality that increase your efficiency, ensuring your processes are running at optimal speed and performance. As part of our commitment to remain on the cutting edge of business process automation technology, Square 9 combined customer feedback with years of software development expertise to bring you the latest document management software, GlobalSearch 4.5.2. Along with the new features, GlobalSearch 4.5.2 includes all current service packs that will improve the way you work with your business content.

Have you upgraded your document management software lately? Let’s explore the latest document management tools that improve the way you work!

  • Pre-designed Solutions Templates – New to document management? Now you can setup your system in a matter of minutes with pre-designed solutions templates that automatically build out Archives, Fields, Searches, and more! Using a wizard-style approach, the new QuickStart Application builder walks you through a step-by-step process for creating a new document management instance, including business application templates for Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivables, Contacts Management, and Human Resources.
  • Powerful Content Searching – Find information fast! Instantly locate text within any open document, including PDFs and Microsoft Office files, and perform discovery with ease through the new Find in File feature. Find in File enhances the users ability to quickly mine data from their records by extending content-based search functions with easy and immediate navigation between search matches across massive multi-page documents.
  • Less Pressure on Your Server – Improve the performance of data extraction! New to GlobalSearch, the Data Extraction Extension offloads the heavy lifting of numerous Optical Character Recognition (OCR) requests from the GlobalSearch server to client workstations through local desktop resources. This allows you to leverage popular OCR features such as KeyFree Indexing and Image XChange at top production without additional pressure on your server!

It’s important to choose a software solution that evolves with your needs and accommodates future technology. Upgrading your document management software with the latest advancements in office technology allows your business to keep its competitive edge with the newest innovations. Whether you are just starting to research process automation, or have been a document management user for years, you can maximize your business performance with an updated content management experience. Contact Square 9 today to upgrade to GlobalSearch 4.5.2!

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