The Recipe to Success: How to Serve a Rewarding ECM Strategy

In the U.S. alone, businesses spend more than $120 billion a year on printed forms, most of which outdate themselves within three months’ time. When you look around your office are papers starting to pile up? Is it becoming impossible to find what you’re looking for? Now is the time to clean up the clutter and tackle your paper-based business challenges with a digital solution. Doing so can drastically increase efficiency while providing sizeable monetary savings for your organization.


The recipe to success is implementing an award winning Enterprise Content Management solution (ECM), which enables businesses of any size to drive increased productivity, ensure business continuity, support regulatory compliance and build effective collaboration. ECM has the key ingredients for taking your business to the next level, and it’s as simple as following this recipe:


  • Up to 100 or over 100K Multi-Formatted Business Documents

                      Emails, PDFs, Spreadsheets, Paper Files, etc.

  • One Secure Digital Repository

                     Enterprise Content Management Software

  • Unlimited Amount of Business Applications

                    QuickBooks®, Microsoft Dynamics®, Salesforce® and more


  1. Capture
    • Capture documents from anywhere; your multifunctional printer, scanner, email server or even a watched network directory. ECM delivers the flexibility to gather document information from virtually any source. Built-in Capture Automation technology takes your business information and turns it into intelligence, transforming documents into usable data that provides insight, drives efficiency, and lets you make smarter decisions. By digitally extracting your most important business information you can ensure the validity, integrity, and accuracy for all your information.
  2. Store
    • Once your data is captured, it is conveniently indexed away into a secured central location within the ECM platform. By digitally storing your documents, high value document information is automatically extracted through an array of powerful tools for automated filing or to share with other applications. Users can then view and edit documents, organize, and delete files depending on their security access level.
  3. Retrieve
    • Now that you’ve stored and organized your documents into this digital repository, how do you find them? Well, that’s easy – with simple search functionality you can find any record by searching for keywords like invoice number, barcode number, name, address and more. Mobile access is also available, making it easy to work from anywhere at any time with the same level of efficiency that you would from your desk.
  4. Route
    • Route your documents automatically to a network location or create a new folder based on extracted data. With automated email notifications, your users will be kept in the loop upon their arrival, so you can be sure data is being set to the right person. With automated workflow processes, routing documents is made easy. A drag and drop platform allows you to organize where your documents are sent while also providing an audit trail of views, edits, approvals and more.
  5. Integrate
    • Integrate your Enterprise Content Management software with your existing business programs across all of your business departments. The software can be customized to fit your Human Resources, Accounts Payable, Finance Department and more, seamlessly releasing data between your ECM platform and the business programs your company uses most.

And there you have it – if you follow this simple recipe for success, your business will not only eliminate paper processes, but also increase business efficiency, enhance collaboration, and improve organization. Now it’s your turn to start cooking your Document Management strategy with Square 9 Softworks, a renowned solutions provider.

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