The Simplicity of Capture Automation Part II

In The Simplicity of Capture Automation Part I, we talked about the significant impact document capture has on organizations. Today we discuss ongoing business challenges and how capture automation works to solve those challenges, specifically in three key departments.

In order for organizations to be sustainable, they continue to seek the perfect balance between controlling expenses, cash flow and improving operational productivity. Successfully establishing this “doing more with less” approach enables businesses to cost-effectively streamline everyday functions, which can be the difference between growth, or decline.

One of the best methods to achieving this balance is through the implementation of document capture automation technology. Capture automation eliminates manual tasks, both simple and complex, while providing greater insight into business intelligence through the automatic extraction and routing of business data. The result is faster, more effective decision making.

Each industry is unique, requiring different needs for document capture, but leveraging a capture solution can have an immediate, positive impact on any area of business. Let’s take a look at three critical business departments and the real-life benefits they gain from automating capture essential processes:

  1. Human Resources
    Capture automation takes the paper out of recruiting by gathering applicant information digitally, and automatically storing data for future use. Whether an online application or scanned paper resume, applicant data can be captured and repopulated into other required form fields, eliminating repetitive data entry and the potential for manual errors as employment forms are completed faster, and more accurately. By automating the onboarding process, data can be collected before the employee’s first day of work, enabling them to jump right into their new position. 

    Once an applicant is hired, there are many document-intensive HR tasks, like employee benefits open enrollment, that occur on a yearly basis. Through capture automation technology, employee data can be linked to a digital workflow that will automatically send notification to the necessary manager for approval, simplifying a process that could have taken days, into a matter of minutes.

    Capture software securely stores all of the applications received, automatically creating folders for each applicant or position, which allows hiring managers to easily refer back to past resumes for future hiring. Even paper resumes can be scanned into the system and transformed into text-searchable PDFs to further simplify the search.

  2. Operations
    Responsible for running day-to-day business processes, the Operations department has a lot to gain from capture automation software. Capture technology enables Operations staff to better advise leadership teams on strategic business decisions by transforming data into business intelligence. 

    Capture automation technology quickly identifies critical information held within business documents. The software can automatically route extracted data into a shared network location, .csv file or Microsoft SQL Sever, streamlining collaboration and visibility into logistics. For example, organizations that manage delivery distribution with paper, or even email, can leverage capture automation software to scan and release data into any document management solution that supports Image/CSV or XML database import, including Microsoft SharePoint®.

    In addition, processes like order-to-cash cycles are accelerated through web-based capture workflows that can be accessed remotely. For organizations that rely on shipping and receiving, truck drivers can automatically access the appropriate delivery notes via a mobile device, and apply changes to data fields – like quantity or discounted price – which are then instantly sent back to headquarters for approval, automatically updating the system with the most recent and accurate information. To ensure process fluidity, the appropriate users are made aware of data and document updates through automated email notification.

  3. Accounting
    Inefficient paper archiving processes make it difficult to retrieve business-critical financial documents. Capture automation software uses the equipment you already have (scanners and multi-functional printers) to transform paper-based activities into web-based, workflow enabled processes. This is especially beneficial to document-intensive areas like Accounting departments. 

    Capture automation solutions work to enhance accounting operations like shortening the AP processing cycle and improving cash flow, by establishing greater clarity into financial processes. Smart enough to read data held within barcodes, capture technology presents confidence-based data validation to ensure extracted information is transformed into valuable accounting insight, quickly and accurately. Automating data capture reduces manual entry and streamlines approval processes so vendor discounts can be leveraged for greater cash flow and days payables outstanding.

    Capture automation processes sales orders with no additional need for data entry or scanning. Users can quickly locate any associated document, file or email generated across an organization for fast three-way matching. Locate vendor contracts, terms of sales and invoice approvals whether they’re contained in a document management software, email system or network share. Accounting departments can also enhance compliance by automatically applying the correct tax coding to invoices, simplifying audit preparation.

No matter the industry or department, capture automation software streamlines communication, encouraging highly-responsive collaboration and organizational visibility. Using the tools you already have in place, such as scanners or multi-functional printers, organizations can dramatically decrease the costs and effort required for capturing documents. Whether getting started with capture essentials or scaling up to production capture as an organization expands, capture automation software contributes to the growth and success of any business.

For those who haven’t read The Simplicity of Capture Automation Part I, you can check it out here. Be sure to also visit to see capture automation software in action today.

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