Trends in Intelligent Data Sharing with Document Management Software

When polling business owners on file sync and sharing technologies, nearly 20% of AIIM survey respondents cited a lack of understanding the benefits intelligent data sharing can bring to their organization. But what they need to know is that intelligent file sharing extends the reach of operational data beyond the walls of an organization to provide immediate data accessibility, reliability, and most importantly – security. In order to achieve these benefits, organizations will need a file system that is spearheaded through advanced document management software.  Let’s explore three trends in secure file sharing and how they are enabling organizations to create effective and collaborative content management policies.


  1. Elevated Data Protection
    A common concern for document-intensive organizations is the safe and secure storage of business critical data. This could include sensitive client information, finances, Human Resources documents or even departmental projects that are not intended for the entire company. In fact, 29% of AIIM respondents cited unauthorized access to information as a challenge to implementing a file sync and share solution. However, when leveraging file sharing technologies through intuitive document management software, the same granular security model built into the software applies, including user-based login access to keep database-, folder-, and document-level security enforced. With these practices in place, users only have access to the information they are authorized to see. For example, with intelligent Windows File System integration, an accounting user can search through the Windows Explorer for customer-specific documents stored in the document management system, but will only be able to view, open or edit those that are directly related to their everyday business functions, such as invoices and purchases orders. The rest of that particular customer’s data remains hidden and secured behind your corporate firewall. 
  2. Improved Visibility and Audit Preparation
    Digging deeper into concerns of sharing tools outside the organization, AIIM found that 60% of respondents cited a lack of visibility into what is accessed as a roadblock to investing in file sharing software. This was followed by 57% saying they are concerned with legal and audit implications related to content sharing. But with intelligent file sharing solutions, stored documents are viewed and edited via their native application (such as Microsoft® Office or Adobe® Acrobat), the document management software audit trail automatically logs all document actions by date and user, providing full visibility into business output. All document changes are instantly saved into the database, plus with revision control enabled, a new version of the working file is automatically created for automated change tracking and improved audit preparation. Anyone who has been audited before will agree, the best way to find information is to store it carefully, and as auditors demand documentation, business owners want to ensure they can easily find any and all records required. With advanced file sharing technology, users can easily run searches through the Windows Explorer, to pull up all records (including past versions) within a matter of seconds, making life easier for the auditor, who will make life easier for you. 
  3. Collaboration Outside the Office
    Using file sharing software as a collaborative tool for self-service enables business owners to accurately measure the performance of employees in and out of the office. Because the Windows File System includes an additional drive, directly linked to your document management software, you can access all your files on the go. Remote employees gain the ability to access data on the system whenever and wherever they want through a modern web browser. Providing remote workers with immediate access to internal data enables more accurate business to be done in the field with up-to-the-minute visibility across business data and improved client relationships through rapid problem resolution. Intelligent content sharing programs allow you to safely and securely share business data with remote offices as well. Users can distribute analytics and business intelligence to key recipients outside the establishment, empowering regional offices to act in a more responsive role within the business ecosystem, addressing business needs and customer demand more efficiently.

There are many advantages to implementing intelligent data sharing technologies with everyone who affects your business – and it doesn’t require users to change the way they work. Through secure data sharing software, content is created and saved in the same way it always has, delivered in its native application for easy editing and tracked for improved visibility. That’s something 100% of business users should feel good about. Are you ready to uncover new business opportunities with intelligent file sharing? Contact Square 9 today to get started.

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