Document Management Software for Law Firms

Access Documents from the Courtroom and Win Your Case

GlobalSearch document management software enables law firms to operate more efficiently, keeping legal information accurate and secure.

Document Management Software Gives Law Firms the Ability To:

  • Square 9 ECMEliminatepaper-based filing costs and provide fast, firm-wide access to your case files
  • Square 9 ECMIntegrateeDiscovery pleadings, evidence files, deposition transcripts or emails
  • Square 9 ECMFacilitatecollaboration between attorneys and litigation teams by giving counsel and clients access to documents
  • Square 9 ECMSearchand locate client records based on client name, matter number, docket number or keyword searching—all with the click of a mouse
  • Square 9 ECMExportall case files for easy distribution to opposing counsel and the courts

Case Study

GlobalSearch and the Case of Plopper vs. Paper

“GlobalSearch proved crucial to our winning the battle against paper by allowing us to manage an overwhelming number of documents easily, efficiently and reliably. Based on an average of only five minutes to process each document now, versus 25 minutes to manually process each before using GlobalSearch, the solution has already saved our firm over 100 attorney-hours collectively, worth well over $16,000.”

Stephen Plopper Esq.
Attorney, Stephen Plopper & Associates
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How is GlobalSearch ECM Used by Law Firms?

  • Document Management SoftwareClosed Case Files
  • Document Management SoftwarePleadings
  • Document Management SoftwareDepositions
  • Document Management SoftwareJudgments
  • Document Management SoftwareAppeals
  • Document Management SoftwareTranscripts