Accessibility at its Best! Search Your Business Content with One Click

According to Interact, approximately 20% of an employee’s time in the workplace is wasted by searching for information to perform their job effectively. Believe it or not, that is equivalent to an entire working day per week! Now, consider the time it takes you to find an essential piece of information within a stack of papers. You’re losing hours of your day trying to identify different documents and contributing to wasted time that should be spent elsewhere. If you haven’t already been convinced that adopting a document management solution is essential, wait until you learn how the key features of this technology can work for your business in ways you never imagined.

With a solution that can scan all of your business documents into an electronic database, you can quickly and easily run a search through all digital files to locate your document information. But, what if I told you there were easier ways to locate your business information? With image enabled search, your functionality goes beyond traditional document management capabilities to deliver immediate visibility to all documents based on any data from any application on your screen. Still wondering how it’s possible? Let’s give you some insight by exploring how content enabled search works!

Imagine a search functionality that returns the exact documents you need with the click of a button and no keying required. Instead of spending time searching through filing cabinets or stacks of papers, you can instantly locate documents stored in your document management software, by selecting content directly from any business application. This document lookup capability uses newly released technology that captures on-screen text of any kind, running a search for stored documents – without ever opening your document management platform. Simply launch a search from your system tray, identify searchable text within the program you are working in, and access your documents through the browser. The ability to immediately search from anywhere, with real time access to your documents, minimizes the frustration of inefficient search and retrieval.

Best of all, there are multiple ways to use this new technology to efficiently locate your business information! Have a word or group of words you’d like to search for? Easily select the words of your choosing, point-and-click and a search will immediately be prompted from your document management software. Prefer to extract a larger area of text? No problem! Draw a box around a group of words on screen to extract the text, validate it’s correct, and then find the information you’re looking for. Need to be more specific? Open a search prompt and enter your search criteria or select from a list to find your documents instantly!

Give your business back 20% of staff time by searching smarter! With immediate accessibility to documents, your team will experience a dramatic increase in productivity, greatly enhancing faster and more informed decision making. Contact Square 9 today to learn more about the new features and benefits of document management software and content enabled search!

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