Capturing Gold with Document Capture Solutions

From gymnastics, to volleyball, track and swimming, every four years the entire world comes together to watch their favorite sports in the biggest event of the summer – the Olympics. This year, the entire city of Rio de Janeiro was revamped with new tram lines and plazas to make for an inviting Olympic atmosphere that displayed the games in the most enjoyable way. It was up to Brazil to make the Summer Olympics a success, and with over 27.5 million viewers, the Rio games take the Silver medal, ranking No. 2 in viewership behind London 2012.


How do you make your business as successful as the Summer Olympics? Much like organizing and coordinating the Olympic Games, companies of all sizes and industries have planned processes and strategies in place for managing business data and documents. Document Capture Software transforms data into business intelligence from the moment a document arrives, streamlining administrative actions and improving decision-making processes.

Spread the Word: Promotion throughout the Olympic weeks was bigger and better than ever. With the support of the business community, Olympic sponsors have reached over 200 countries through commercials, advertisements, product placement and more, making the Olympics the most effective international marketing platform in the world.

Routing your documents and their data to the appropriate person, department or location is similar to creating a marketing campaign that is targeted towards the right audience. If your documents get sent to the wrong people, productivity slows and issues arise. But with Capture Automation Software business content is automatically routed for classification, validation, review and approval, ensuring efficient workflow and accurate bookkeeping while eliminating bottlenecks in productivity.

Capture Data: This year’s Olympic Games have left the United States with some incredible victories. From Michael Phelps winning 22 gold medals and breaking a 2,000-year-old record, to Simone Biles earning the most gold medals in a single women’s gymnastics event, Team USA won a total 121 medals – 46 Gold. It’s no surprise that media from around the globe wanted to be the first to break these stories. So, the faster they can gather the information they need, the easier it will be for an article to be written.

Much like the interview process on these incredible athlete achievements, it’s important you have the business-critical data from your documents in the quickest, most efficient and accurate way. With Document Capture Software, once you put documents on a multifunctional printer (MFP) or scanner, keywords, phrases, dates and numbers, are instantly extracted and indexed with Optical Character Recognition (OCR). Forms recognition allows for automatic classification of documents and provides the flexibility to gather and find the small but important details, guaranteeing easy search and retrieval later on for improved business efficiency.

Share Information: What makes the Olympic Games so unique is that it’s a worldwide event. No matter where you are from, by watching the Olympics you’re sure to learn about the cultures of many other countries. Athlete profiles are published, live results are monitored, videos and photos are posted, and social media is updated constantly. This gives viewers the platform to stay up to date, making you at home as much a part of the games as the participants.

While the Olympics integrate with social media to keep fans updated, Capture Automation Software integrates with the applications you use every day to keep business efficient. From Salesforce® to Dropbox®, Microsoft Dynamics® and more, document data is automatically released giving employees immediate access to the content they need without repetitive data entry or switching between programs, allowing more work to get done in less time.

Closing Ceremony: The closing ceremony brings it all together as the world’s greatest games come to a close. People from around the globe will look back at the successes, memories and triumphs of the Rio Olympics for years to come.

After implementing capture automation software, you too can reflect on the success of your business growth, with the ROI from increased productivity, accurate line item data extraction and the flexibility of template-based OCR. Give your company the gold with an award winning software solution from Square 9 Softworks. Contact us today to get started!

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