Document Management Benefits Non-Profit Organizations

Is your non-profit organization cluttered with volunteer applications, donor records, board member files and tax returns? Increase your file organization and staff productivity with a structured yet customizable document management solution, built to reward storage reductions, improve workflow and provide immediate access to volunteer-related information. In return, this drastically shortens document retrieval times to ensure a smooth donation process. Document management software can also help non-profits to increase compliance and document security, while decreasing office supplies and equipment costs.


So whether you run a charity, campaign or creative space, isn’t it time to take your non-profit organization to the next level? Let’s dive deeper into how non-profits today are greatly benefiting from going paperless with the help of document management software:

Streamline repetitive business processes

Today there is a constant growing demand for tools that will allow non-profit businesses to capture content, extract high value data and automate processes. Because of this, many non-profits are turning to document management to improve the flow of information from donor, to organization and final recipient.

If document circulation within your organization has proven overly time-consuming, improve efficiency and boost company-wide productivity by going paperless. Highly intuitive document management solutions can be easily adapted to automate any paper-intensive process to free your staff members from repetitive tasks. Easily scan and properly store paperwork into the electronic repository for immediate future search and retrieval. Furthermore, automated workflow commands will alert other staff members of when their action is needed. Reevaluate the time your organization spends dealing with paper hard-copies and consider the instant benefits of streamlined processes.

Reduce paper usage and associated costs

Are filing cabinets taking over your non-profit workspace? Think about that storage area that could be repurposed as your cause continues to grow. By turning paper records digital, not only are you eliminating filing cabinets to free up space but you are also simplifying the search, compile and creation of information to improve productivity.

When implementing an electronic content management system, your organization is immediately cutting down on the time and expenses associated with paper documents. Tasks are automated so that volunteers can allocate their efforts towards actions of higher importance. No longer will you have to spend donation money on paper products, printer maintenance, ink, toner and storage. Use that money in more appropriate ways to advance your organization. Document management is a proven practice to help you avoid the hidden costs non-profits accumulate while working with large paper files.

Easy form submission

Quickly and easily create customized web based forms through the highly intuitive eForms creator tied to your document management system. Popular non-profits are typically flooded daily with application and donation forms, but by creating digital eForms your staff can stay better organized. Plus, with customizable editing tools, users can develop eForms specific to your non-profit to stay consistent with company branding.

But what really makes these eForms beneficial is the workflow associated with data submission, which will keep volunteers pleased to donate more of their time and efforts. Donors will only have to submit data once, as certain information fields can be automatically repopulated onto associated forms to streamline organizational efforts of the sensitive information gathered. After completion, the submitted forms are captured directly into the document management repository and are fully indexed by form data. Plus, through the power of automated workflow, users can establish automated commands to drive future actions including routing the forms, sending email notification and circulating forms for approval.

Stay secure and in compliance

As a non-profit organization, it is crucial to have detailed proof of what donations are coming in, and where they are going. Keeping good records is extremely important. What if your organization is accused of spending donation money on something unintended to advance any purpose of the cause? If your record-keeping isn’t up to par, your non-profit could face legal issues.

Advanced document management systems allow scanned images to be managed electronically into your workflow to safeguard heavy paper trails. Standard security measures include permissions based levels of access, encryption of document content, individual user security settings, audit trails, history logs and more. Your non-profit business can operate with confidence knowing documents are safe from mismanagement. Document management software creates a secure database of sensitive non-profit documents including volunteer applications, donor records, tax returns and more.

This is critical because failure to timely file critical tax-related forms such as the 990 informational return can lead to automatic revocation of a non-profit’s tax exempt status. Stay organized and set reminders through your document management system to stay compliant.

Document management is a safe and secure solution for sensitive information. Your non-profit business can thrive off the capabilities to remotely access, edit and store company specific documents. Improve document routing as well as search and retrieval to a matter of seconds to better serve your donors and volunteers. Learn just how simple it is to transform your non-profit into a fast-paced, productive and efficient paperless organization by contacting Square 9 today.

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