Document Management Software: So Much More than Digital Storage

It’s a challenge for companies to keep up with the paperwork and electronic files that are routed throughout an office every day. Since keeping things organized is critical for success, virtually any business could benefit from document management software. Truly any business! If your company handles invoices, forms, correspondence, emails, personnel documents, client files or any other type of data, then implementing document management software can allow your business to run more productively and efficiently.

Utilizing document management software is a great way to organize all of your paper and digital files in a central location, where everyone with the appropriate permissions, has easy access to managing critical business information. But contrary to its name, that’s not all that document management can do for an organization.

Document management software is different from simple digital document storage. Document management software allows businesses to increase productivity, save time, reduce costs, operate in multiple locations, support remote workers, meet compliance requirements, ensure continuity, and ultimately allow businesses to become more organized, knowledgeable and efficient. The software recognizes what you delegate: who will have access, where files will route, and what actions will be imposed on these documents. Besides keeping your business organized, there are a wide range of benefits to using document management software:


Immediate Retrieval:

Integrated search features allow users to conduct a simple keyword search to instantly locate all related documentation, giving employees quick access to their files. As an example, when clients call, users can instantly find the documents needed for improved customer service.

Effective Collaboration:

Facilitate teamwork by sharing documents with coworkers, departments and clients in or out of the office. Employees can easily work with each other by accessing documents needed individually, each with the most up-to-date copy. No time is wasted on printing revisions or double-checking to make sure they have the current version.

Security & Auditing:

With custom user configurations, administrators can restrict access to sensitive files. Audit trail and document history functions can also track edits being made to documents, enabling administrators to monitor who accessed which documents and when. This increased security is a huge advantage of using document management software because it provides detailed visibility into business processes.

Enforcement of Business Rules:

Automatic notifications enforce retention policies, audit tracking, reporting and user-access controls, allowing businesses to easily achieve compliance with regulations and internal policies.

Seamless Mobility:

Web-based document management software allows users to access, edit and distribute documents via mobile devices, unifying employees across one platform and providing for superior customer attentiveness when out of the office.

Disaster Recovery:

Critical business documents are backed-up and secure, spared from any destruction. Business owners can rest assured that their data is protected from a disaster such as flood, fire or theft.

Integration & Scalability:

Integrate with all of your solutions, from email platforms to accounting software and CRM systems, allowing businesses to get work done faster, without duplication. Scalable document management software provides the option of building the specific implementation most beneficial to your evolving company needs, so processes will not have to be rebuilt as your company expands.

Organizations with document management software in place to handle business critical information, operate at a vastly superior level of productivity. Investing in document management software allows for a meaningful impact on a business’s ability to prosper by optimizing internal business processes.

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