How Document Management Software Solves Your Unseen Digital Mess

If you have eliminated most paper processes in your business, you may be moving toward improved business productivity. Maybe. Removing the paper has helped you eliminate the file cabinet and the cost associated with it. It has also removed the issue of damaged paper documents. You and your team now share documents and collaborate. But chances are, you still have challenges after creating a paperless office.

Every day your organization is creating and managing large amounts of digital documents in multiple departments such as accounting, human resources, legal and more. Invoices, purchase orders, contracts, guidelines dispersed across multiple digital drives and devices and located in email attachments make them hard to find.  Accessibility by only one or two people not the entire team could result in lost time waiting for another team member to share or find a file you need. Or possibly the wrong people access a confidential document. What happens when you can’t locate an important document right when you need it? Or when people who should not have access to sensitive documents, are able to view them?

Multiple Digital Storage Sources Create Multiple Challenges

Organization of your digital files is often a forgotten facet of digital transformation. With the removal of paper, many businesses no longer see the number of documents created. They feel they have their documents and processes under control, that is until they cannot locate a needed file. Often, similar to past paper-based processes, they must search through multiple places to find where a document has been stored: Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft OneDrive or as an email attachment to name a few.

And when employees are spending all that time searching, they are spending less time doing the work. Unfortunately, the productivity gained from the removal of paper is lost.

In an article published by Small Business Trends, 82% of the respondents said the reason their productivity is hurt by poor information management is because they have to navigate different systems and locations to find what they need.

Document Management Software vs. File, Sync and Share Services

Document Management Solutions give your organization the power to capture, store, organize, retrieve, and secure business-critical documents from any location. They support the need for greater control, access, and process efficiency. Other solutions, such as File, Sync and Share services like Google Drive offer functional and valuable tools for businesses, but they miss the mark when compared to a true document-centric solution.

For instance, Document Management Software is designed to support structured filing and searching, so files can be located in seconds by anyone from any location. In addition, these solutions also include rule-based workflows, tasks, and notifications. These keep current manual processes consistent when moved digitally and accessed remotely.

Good Document Management Solutions are also easily scalable. You pay for only the users you need. They also come with features like document access control and document tracking to deliver more robust security than other services. The people who need quick access have it. And the people who should not have access, do not. Document Management software also offers business continuity for organizations in the event of natural disasters.

Click here, to see a full comparison of a document-centric solution like GlobalSearch from Square 9 vs. available file and share options. And Contact Square 9 today to learn more about how Document Management Software can fit into your organization’s digital transformation.

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