How to Digitally Transform Your Business in Minutes!

According to a study conducted by AIIM, when choosing cloud or outsourced services for document and content storage, security (75%) and cost (51%) are the overriding considerations. Businesses are looking for a cost-effective solution that not only stores content securely, but also increases employee productivity, ensures compliance and provides free training for all employees. Does this sound like something that would benefit your organization? Cloud-hosted enterprise content management (ECM) improves business productivity by providing better access to information and creating a foundation for managing, sharing and securing content.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Imagine a world where information management is as simple as pushing a button to scan a document. A cloud-hosted ECM solution is the last content storage platform your business will ever need. Cloud ECM is the foundation for all your business information and is easily scalable to grow with your organization. Set your information into motion with customized workflow automationweb forms management, and optical character recognition (OCR)! These technologies empower your employees to allocate their time towards more important tasks. On top of that, with documents being stored in the cloud, you can remove onsite and offsite document storage, irritating desk clutter, plus expensive paper and ink costs. Organizations can operate stress-free when it comes to maintaining compliance, being prepared for audits as stored information is easily accessible and adheres to regulatory standards for HIPAA, GDPR, FERPA, IS0 9001, and more.

No Delay in Delivery

cloud-hosted ECM solution can be deployed in just a few minutes, and eliminates the need for added infrastructure, upgrades, and lengthy backups to protect your information. A collection of pre-designed solutions for common business applications such as Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Human Resources, and Contract Management, are available upon implementation. This means your organization will see start seeing results immediately! The best cloud content management software is hosted on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) platform, designed for 99.9% data durability and uptime. This provides users with real time access to their information, in a secure environment, from any modern browser. In addition, top document management software combines military grade server-side encryption when at rest and Secure Socket Layer (SSL) when in transit, guaranteeing your most sensitive business information is always protected.

Unlimited Online Training

Change can be difficult for employees in the workplace – but it doesn’t have to be! Free online product training ensures employees are educated on ECM software and comfortable implementing a new internal process. Online education platforms have been developed for users to learn at their own pace while gaining the necessary skills to utilize their software to the fullest. Online product training covers everything from ECM best practices to getting the most out of the unique features and functionality that takes your organization to the next level!

Is your organization looking to get control of business content? Square 9’s GlobalSearch C2 for Business Essentials is an affordable, easy to use cloud-hosted document management platform that can be implemented within your organization in just a matter of minutes. Contact Square 9 Softworks today and experience information management in the cloud!

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