3 Areas Where Process Automation Streamlines Information Sharing

Delivering paperwork from desk to desk, requesting written approval, manually searching for correspondence – all of these tasks are inefficient and time-consuming. Implementing a process automation solution can transform an existing routine from ineffective to exceptional.


Process automation blends people and their work together into one streamlined performance, creating a strategic foundation for daily operations to take place, boosting productivity, simplifying collaboration and improving the quality of output. Imagine how much more work your team can get done by automating document-driven tasks from capture, to routing, escalation and even tracking. Beyond conventional record-keeping activities, automation has the inherent strength to handle the most complex business functions, enabling organizations to better manage daily activities.

Here are the 3 most common areas where process automation solutions are used:

  1. Accounting: Accounts Payable automation streamlines the high speed capture of business-critical documentation, like invoices and purchase orders, through a variety of methods, from scanning, to web forms and even email. This in return, eliminates a high percentage of manual processing errors, such as entry mistakes, invoice duplicates, lost data and more. Users can automatically extract high value information quickly and efficiently, without manual intervention, creating a streamlined, fully digital invoice management process. By providing one single point of access, business users are saving time and simplifying the search and retrieval of information, with the seamless ability to process documents in tandem with an existing accounting software, such as QuickBooks or Microsoft Dynamics.
  1. Human Resources: Process automation provides Human Resources departments with real-time monitoring and automated escalations to keep employee processes moving and on schedule at all times. With greater insight into control, there is no need to worry about compliance or accountability. Users can easily see the status of their tasks with a full overview of all actions completed and outstanding. This in return, simplifies internal communication as all users involved in a workflow process have easy access to the information they need. As a potential employee moves through the hiring process, all corresponding paperwork, from hire to retirement, is organized and efficient. The solution pushes onboarding documents through the hiring process into interview scheduling, approvals and performance reviews. A flexible workflow will also set reminders of post-hire activities including periodic evaluations, benefits activation and credentialing. A well implemented process workflow ensures processing is completed accordingly to a company’s specific regulations, leading to faster and better informed decision making.
  1. Contracts Management: Automation reduces the costs, complexity, and time to deploy manual contract processes by allowing users to accomplish more, with fewer resources. No more waiting or following up. Business process automation initiates intelligent queuing and routing, allowing contracts to be delivered to, and processed by, the right people. Contract automation improves collaboration and enhances the customer experience by seamlessly connecting internal employees with each other and the customer. Automatically schedule follow-ups and gain real‐time monitoring into every step of a contract signing process including current status, deadline alerts, delay notifications and approaching due dates. Further simplifying this paperless process, users can adhere to government compliance regulations by applying electronic signatures into the automated process. Decision makers can digitally sign web forms with a mouse, stylus pen or finger, which allows their staff to eliminate the need to print, sign and rescan.

Implementing process automation solutions can improve the credibility, productivity and profitability of any organization. To learn more about automation, contact Square 9 Softworks at 203-789-0889.

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