6 Ways Human Resources Automation Improves Business Processes

Document management software enables Human Resources (HR) departments to take better care of people and policies without the heavy burden of paper. Through advanced capture technologies, document management software improves document creation, storage, and retrieval, saving valuable time of your HR team so they can spend more time assisting employees. By integrating document management software into your office, important HR data can be securely stored in a singular place, providing easy accessibility while increasing productivity. With document management, your HR team can get more done, in less time, with less resources.

Here are 6 ways Human Resources automation can improve business process in your organization:

  1. Accurately extract high value information: Leveraging the power of capture automation, document management software eliminates time-consuming data entry by automatically extracting critical data from your HR records. Automated workflow processes then push extracted data to the appropriate archives, so staff can instead focus on value-adding HR activities. Data capture automation leads to smarter decision-making and accurate employee scheduling.
  2. Automatically route documents for approval: After HR records are captured, their data is linked to a digital workflow that will then be automatically sent to the necessary person for approval, decreasing a process that normally could have taken days into a matter of minutes. By implementing web forms, users can also streamline the application process, directly from your website. As soon as a form is submitted it is instantly routed to the document management database, automatically notifying the appropriate manager that action is needed.
  3. Automate HR processes and post-hire activities: Document management software enables HR staff to enforce a standard onboarding process. Streamline collaboration as application submissions are digitally pushed to interviewers and the HR employees responsible for processing W-4s and I-9s. With an automated process in place, organizations can then save time and money by onboarding employees fast and efficiently. When an employee leaves an organization, users can set automatic retention dates based to remove files no longer needed, for worry-free records management.
  4. Stay compliant with HIPAA mandates: Misfiling an I-9 form can lead to a fine ranging from $375 to $16,000 per violation. Your organization can avoid costly compliance penalties and risks with document management software. To ensure HIPAA compliance, documents are securely stored behind user-based permissions, and the software offers a well-organized folder structure to ensure no documents go misfiled. Social security numbers, salaries, performance reviews and other confidential information are stored where only users with the appropriate permissions can access.
  5. Streamline contract approval by incorporating digital signatures: Document management solutions offer e-signature capabilities to further streamline transactions between employees and their HR documents. Built in e-Signature capabilities allows forms to be digitally signed, eliminating the need to print out, sign, and rescan. Avoid the long wait for a performance review signature, give new hires the ability to sign paperwork before they step foot into the office, and allow employees to discuss insurance enrollment with their families by signing documents from the comfort of their homes through intuitive E-SIGN technology.
  6. Repurpose captured employee data onto all necessary forms: When onboarding a new employee, there are many forms where the same data will need to be repeatedly entered manually. With document management software users can gather this information digitally, have the data automatically pre-populate, and store it for future use. When an employee fills out their personal information, such as name, social security number, address, etc. those fields are automatically entered onto all associated documents including I-9 and W-4 forms. Once an employee is hired, you can ensure record changes like address or insurance updates, are applied across all associated documentation.

Designed to automate manual paper-based tasks, document management software allows HR departments to go paperless, improving productivity and visibility into documentation. This in return, enables HR staff to become more knowledgeable on the status of employee documentation.  By digitizing HR processes, browser-based document management software delivers a range of benefits including heightened efficiency and cost savings. Contact Square 9 today to learn how document management software can eliminate paper-based employee files in your office.

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