Why Document Management Software is the Perfect Solution for Arts & Entertainment

The Arts and Entertainment Industry uses a very unique model, and with that model comes a unique set of problems. The need to travel for many of the industry’s jobs has created significant difficulty when those who need to collaborate are separated by massive tracts of land and sea. With the vast majority of the industry’s products being intangible ideas such as music, movies and images, the rise of the internet and the mere ability to send information quickly over long distances once seemed like the optimal solution to these problems. However, it is becoming increasingly evident that while being able to collaborate over long distances has been a great boon, the concept brings with it many challenges that require a more developed solution.

Problems with Basic File Sharing:

Simple file sharing is chaotic and disorganized, as sharing files this way often creates data silos. These silos often result in bottlenecks in the workflow chain, bogging down the next department to receive the data and inefficiently using precious company resources. In addition to the problems these data silos cause, it is often uncertain whether every person within the silo has the latest version of the file, frequently causing confusion and setbacks within the small circle of collaborators.

The Solution:

That’s where GlobalSearch comes into play. The award-winning GlobalSearch document management system delivers cloud-based content management, allowing for the latest versions of documents to be accessed by anyone who needs them – from anywhere at any time. Collaborators can easily store, retrieve and edit content and then swiftly pass it to the next department through an intuitive document management workflow system. Script proposals can be collaboratively written up and shared, and concept art can be uploaded for easy retrieval, reference and use. This allows for quick, orderly and efficient long-distance collaboration and streamlined productivity between departments, encouraging collaboration and removing headaches.

In an industry that relies heavily on intellectual property, requires significant amounts of travel and must adhere to strict deadlines, it only makes sense to be able to manage that property over great distances, efficiently and effectively. GlobalSearch helps achieve this goal, streamlining your workflow processes and organizing your data, so that more time and money can be put towards the things that really matter.

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