Are You in Need of a Digital Transformation?

Are You in Need of a Digital Transformation?

Over the past few decades, more and more companies have undergone digitization efforts. According to, 91% of companies are engaged in digitization efforts of some kind, with 87% choosing to make it a priority. While digitization and overarching digital transformations come with a slew of benefits for candidates who correctly implement these efforts, part of a correct implementation is knowing where in your company these efforts are needed most.

A Need for Remote Collaboration

Businesses that use remote workers in information-driven fields like advertising and data analytics may find that cloud-based content management solutions catalyze efficiency in unexpected ways. Having real-time access to the most updated files can remove much of the time waste and unpredictability that comes from constantly emailing new versions of documents back and forth. Remote workers in other fields and workers who frequently interact with multiple departments, such as those in accounting, may also find this type of solution quite beneficial. Sales teams, for example, may be able to pull content generated by the marketing department simply by searching the file name or indexed words; delivery departments can access order forms immediately after a sale has been made, giving them more time to organize and plan their delivery schedules. Accounting departments can automate invoice approvals helping to put an end to late payment fees and eliminating the need for clerks to chase down payment authorizations, focusing them instead on higher-value tasks.

Large, Shared Document Pools

Companies and departments that find themselves working with large loads of paperwork may find the effective use of content management software as well. Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software can organize, file, and retrieve various documents easily and efficiently by creating searchable index fields and providing access controls by document type and employment type. These access controls can prove incredibly useful at giving employees access to the documents they need while protecting sensitive information that they may not be privy to. This ability to protect sensitive data points brings us to another area that typically benefits a great deal from ECM software.

Data Compliance 

Not only does ECM software typically provide access controls to protect sensitive data points, but it also provides automated workflows to streamline pre-existing controls in a variety of fields such as Human ResourcesAccounts Payable, and Accounts Receivable. With the tools ECM software provides, much of the employee onboarding process can be automated, and many of the controls and sign-offs involved in business payments can be streamlined for more orderly and predictable business dealings. Some ECM solution providers, such as Square 9 Softworks, undergo stringent compliance efforts and audits to ensure data compliance on their end. Square 9 is compliant across many federal standards, including HIPAA, SOC1, and SOC2.

Business Continuity

Although a less discussed concern for many companies, 2020 has shed a bright light on the need for reliable business continuity planning through its ongoing pandemic and increase in natural disaster rates. ECM software can help keep key business processes active with its ability to enhance remote collaboration. ECM products, such as Square-9’s GlobalSearch, provide options to ensure remote access to crucial files amidst a disaster. Cloud-based solutions such as GlobalSearch Cloud give permitted users remote access to any of the documents they may need. At the same time, Square 9’s disaster recovery plan backs up local data reservoirs to secure off-site servers for a quick and easy transition in the event it’s needed.

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Square 9 Softworks provides a variety of digital solutions to aid in your content management initiatives across various industries and needs. Our software has been proven to help facilitate remote collaboration, ease document management burden, stay compliant with stringent regulatory standards, and protect your business from both natural and human-made disasters. Contact Square 9 to see if our software can help you!

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