Customer Highlight: SonyATV Music Publishing Reaps the Benefits of Document Management for Arts & Entertainment

Whether a movie production company, small agency, or music studio, in the fast-paced Arts and Entertainment industry there is always paperwork that needs to be managed. To operate efficiently, you must have immediate access to the latest versions of scripts, images, and other documents that are being collaboratively worked on. Keeping track of the various files, contracts, and accounting paperwork can help your team complete projects ahead of schedule.

Enterprise content management (ECM) software securely manages data and automates paper-based processes to streamline business production. ECM software changes the game for Arts and Entertainment companies, virtually eliminating paper while ensuring data integrity during pre- and post- project production.

Headquartered in New York, SonyATV Music Publishing is the world’s No. 1 music publishing company with a network of 37 offices in 29 cities and 22 countries around the world. Document imaging has always been an integral part of SonyATV. The company needs to easily store and retrieve key files such as contracts, license agreements, cue sheets, check copies, and many other publishing documents. However, their legacy imaging system was no longer able to meet SonyATV’s document needs. In 2012, SonyATV decided to migrate their documents to a brand new, award-winning system, Square 9’s GlobalSearch document management software.

Before GlobalSearch, SonyATV would produce 2,000 paper check copies monthly that were manually scanned and indexed. SonyATV’s US-based offices now use 100% electronic invoices that are submitted for payment to Accounts Payable via document workflows, making the check copy process fully digital. But that’s not all! At SonyATV 28,000 cue sheets detailing the use of music in films and TV are processed via automated document workflows every year. With unique ECM software integration, SonyATV is now able to pull data from their licensing program into GlobalSearch and update index data for legal documents and associated backup documentation.

Since implementing GlobalSearch, SonyATV has streamlined many key processes and is seeing the benefits of these efforts across several departments. Read the full Customer Success Story to learn how SonyATV is benefitingfrom innovative process automation solutions!

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