Document Management Software Improves Efficiency in Human Resources

Whether a company hires 10 employees or 500, it is critically important that all workforce-related files are properly managed. Failing to do so, can negatively impact the people, policies and processes of a business. Responsible for handling sensitive employee information, the Human Resources department must efficiently manage paperwork in order to avoid risks in privacy, security and overall document control.

Document management solutions automate manual HR processes to streamline daily administrative tasks. By replacing slow and laborious paper-based processes with digital document automation, Human Resources departments can cut costs and gain more time for activities of higher importance. Implementing a paperless solution will automate the routing of employee records, eliminate time consuming document retrieval and help HR stay organized for informed decision making.

Document management software can effortlessly manage all paperwork within an employee’s lifecycle, from hire through retirement, including:

• Applications & Onboarding Forms
• Performance Reviews
• Benefits Enrollments
• PTO Requests
• Expense Reports
• Employee Departure Documentation

In the GlobalSearch document management database, all of a company’s files are immediately accessible. Human Resources personnel can find the exact file or form needed within a matter of seconds by running any of the various search methods available. Administrators can also grant document viewing and modifying rights only to the Human Resources department so that sensitive data such as employee salaries, social security numbers, reprimands and performance reviews can only be accessed by those with permission.

Document management tools help to streamline employee information capture without the need for paper documents. This is done through the advanced power of online forms. Applicants can apply directly on your company’s website from a desktop computer or mobile device, and all submitted information will be automatically directed to the appropriate HR administrator. Candidates and administrators can digitally sign web forms with a mouse, stylus pen or finger, which allows the HR staff to eliminate the need to print, sign and rescan.

As a potential employee moves through the hiring process, there are a number of employee onboarding forms that require manual entry of the same information, repeatedly. However, innovative capture capabilities allow data elements gathered from a web based employee demographic form to repopulate onto other required onboarding forms in order to avoid repetitive data entry and simplify tasks of the HR workforce. The captured employee information will then be stored and automatically re-entered on future documentation.

Not only can document management efficiently handle HR paperwork, but it also greatly improves processes. Expense forms, PTO requests, benefits enrollments and more can be electronically completed by employees and circulated for managerial approval through advanced workflow technology. A valuable content management tool, document workflow enables the swift and secure circulation of information to ensure tasks are accurately completed and on schedule. For example, once an employee web form is submitted, HR personnel will automatically receive instant notification of approval needed or any other future action. This in return, streamlines the hiring process into interview scheduling, approvals and performance reviews. A flexible workflow will also set reminders of post-hire activities including periodic evaluations, benefits activation and credentialing. Using workflows helps to ensure timely approvals and proper management of employee requests, as needed.

By implementing a document management solution, your Human Resources staff can save labor hours spent searching and retrieving documents, photocopying and re-filing. Authorized personnel can easily overview individual employment portfolios and performance levels to lead to quicker, better informed decision making.

Help your HR department take better care of its people, paperwork and policies. Document management improves document control, storage and retrieval, retention policies and more while saving valuable time. Human Resources is just one area where document management can make your business more efficient. For Parts I and II of our blog series, please visit the Square 9 Blog and don’t forget to check back for the final edition, Part IV: Contracts Management.

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