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From the front desk of your favorite hotel to the kitchen staff, maintenance team and more, businesses in the hospitality industry are constantly evolving to provide the best services to ensure guests leave satisfied. Juggling the responsibilities of guest requests, expenses and upkeep can be overwhelming and often mismanaged. Today, major hotels, restaurants and casinos are taking a new approach to simplify the workload of the chaotic hospitality industry.

Heavy paper-intensive processes, poor workflow and disorganization can result in loss or major errors to sensitive business information. Streamlining workflow through a centralized document management system will not only improve productivity but will also allow organizations to stay relevant in a competitive environment.

Common paper documents handled regularly in the hospitality industry include employee applications, employee records, vendor invoices, inventory spreadsheets, purchase orders, operating sheets, customer receipts, sales reports, and more.

To adhere to compliance and regulation policies, the front desk staff usually prints or photocopies these documents before distributing them to the appropriate managers for approval and retention purposes. Incorporating a document management system that is cost-effective, technologically advanced yet user-friendly, simplifies workflow and creates an organized environment while reducing paper-related expenses. Document management software provides a platform for organizing, securing, sharing and retaining your valuable data to keep your company running like a well-oiled machine. Following The Three P’s of Hospitality can help your hotel, restaurant, or related business stay above the competition.

PROVIDE Rapid Service

The hospitality industry depends on providing fast and accurate service, at a moment’s notice. Lags in guest response time can severely damage the reputation of a business in the hospitality industry. Document management solutions helps businesses to stay organized and ensure guest demands are fulfilled, including anything from from fresh linens to specific foods and toiletry requests.

Accelerate customer service with instant access to electronic document archives to quickly and easily navigate to the appropriate documents, grab data and continue the workflow as needed. Automate your accounts payable processes with advanced solutions such as Purchase to Pay from Square 9 to increase efficiency and security while cutting costs and reducing manual data entry errors through the power of advanced web form processing.

PLEASE All Guests and Customers

In the hospitality industry guest satisfaction is of the utmost importance. This includes providing a wide variety of fresh entrees as well as eliminating the wait during check out. Providing top of the line customer care in a well-functioning business environment is how organizations bring guests back and accumulate repeat sales. From checking guests in, providing quality services, and preparing their charges, it is important to make all procedures as simple as possible in order to keep customers happy, while keeping costs low.

Meanwhile, the front desk generates guest receipts and other paper heavy documentation. Rather than printing and making photocopies and so on, clerks can quickly and easily email the guests the appropriate documentation. Eliminate preprinted forms with solution like GlobalForms. Use electronic guest forms to reduce check-in and check-out procedures while streamlining and simplifying the tasks of front desk employees.

PREPARE Purchase Orders Effectively

For businesses in the hospitality industry to reach high levels of success, real time communications with vendors is crucial. Having an active and healthy communication with suppliers will ensure the best quality in products, fresh food and timely orders for guests. The Guest Services department prints orders and receipts to manually fax, mail or store. But with document management solutions, clerks can deliver purchase orders electronically to vendors and even set notifications to ensure payments are submitted on time.

In the restaurant department, chefs and bartenders can stay above the competition by stocking their kitchens daily to offer the freshest products to guests. With document management, chef purchase orders are received in a timelier, more organized manner. Utilizing electronic forms allow purchase orders to be generated, edited, and distributed efficiently and quickly, to avoid spending too much time manually entering data while also saving valuable storage space.

Close the gap between your staff, vendors, and guests by providing fast and efficient electronic processes. Running a business in the hospitality industry is not easy, but you can make your work simpler with document management solutions. Create smooth operations in complex, high-volume environments by automating office processes from end to end.

Document management works to help you increase efficiency, reduce costs, and support compliance initiatives, while improving customer and vendor relationships. With modular integration capabilities, document management is designed as a flexible solution to fit any organization’s needs. Capture, store, retrieve and distribute any document electronically to achieve and realize real ROI results.

To learn more, please visit: www.square-9.com/document-management-software.

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