6 Benefits of Mobile Document Management

Throughout the lifespan of a business, things will unexpectedly come up. Making yourself readily available to work at a moment’s notice is important. Whether at home, away on vacation or traveling, it is extremely beneficial to have immediate access to your documents and company information.

Cloud-based and mobile-ready, document management software gives any business the power to work more efficiently. As an advanced, mobile solution, document management software provides end users with the ability to access documents through a smartphone or tablet device. Leveraging the power of remote accessibility delivers a number of benefits including, but not limited to, the following:

Lack of Restriction

Cutting-edge document management solutions are built to mobilize your workforce. They can eliminate boundaries in productivity, freeing employees from their desktop computers. Administrators are able to better manage staff members spread across multiple locations and also employees that are in the field. Additionally, those employees are making the most of their time by eliminating additional trips to the office for paperwork. Mobile solutions like Square 9’s GlobalSearch are developed to extend access to data and simplify processes by delivering a desktop experience through the browser. Users can easily edit documents by annotating, applying signatures, using stamps and even redacting sensitive information – all directly from their mobile device. Mobile document management centralizes all company content and document processes, regardless of where you’re working.

Time to Get More Done

By instantly sharing company specific files, you are directly increasing a business’s level of efficiency. Document management solutions make users more productive by delivering the ability to view and share files on the go. While sitting on the train, bus or at the airport terminal, sales engineers can give live demonstrations, review contracts and even approve workflows by leveraging the power of GlobalSearch on their tablet devices. They no longer need to be at a computer to access, work on or even send a file. All changes made to a file are automatically saved back into the SmartSearch repository, keeping team members with the most up-to-date content. Document management works to constantly keep information at your fingertips.

Keep Your Customers Happy

As employees in the field browse through and view content from their mobile devices, they can better attend to customers on-the-spot. For example, if a sales engineer is out traveling, and one of his or her customers calls them about a specific invoice, the sales engineer will no longer need to hang up with the customer to call in to the Accounting department. Instead, by running a quick search through their mobile device, the sales engineer can attend to the call and business can continue as usual. The full-text search capabilities of GlobalSearch allows users to find files within a matter of seconds. If a sales representative was meeting with a prospective client, he or she could quickly pull up contracts, statements, work examples or whatever file they would need to help close the sale. Clients no longer have to wait to get the information they need.

Mobile Security

Document management software is built to ensure that your company documents and information is safe, even from a tablet or mobile device. At Square 9, the same granular security model used for our desktop content management platform GlobalSearch, is also used for the mobile access module of GlobalSearch. All databases, documents and feature level security remains in force. The security level of documents will not weaken just because they are accessed remotely. Authentication is still required and executives still have the power to manage staff member user permissions and visibility because database security is extended to mobile devices. A scalable and secure mobile solution, remote document management continues to maintain insight into how content is accessed and shared.

Streamlined Data Capture

An employee with remote access to company documents can easily capture data to be imported into their document database. This is possible through the power of web form creation. With modules like Square 9’s GlobalForms, users can create rich, dynamic web forms that are built to capture critical customer information in a simple, efficient manner. When out in the field, users can gather customer data by having them fill out an eForm from a tablet device. Once forms are completed, they are submitted back into the SmartSearch repository and are fully indexed by the form data. Not only are you capable of capturing information, but you are also grabbing ESIGN compliant “wet signatures” as customers use their finger or stylus pen to sign documents. GlobalForms helps to get your contracts signed as soon as possible. Employees can push this captured data even further by creating document workflows through Square 9’s GlobalAction module. Users can even establish automated commands to drive additional document-related actions to co-workers across the company.

Browser and Platform Compatibility

High quality document management software will function on a wide variety of platforms and devices. Whether your employees are using iOS or Android, regardless of operating system they can get to their work and contribute remotely. A true cross-platform and cloud-based solution will minimize trips to the server while avoiding the installation of bulky programs onto a mobile device. In fact, there is absolutely nothing to install when running Square 9’s GlobalSearch solution, and it is built to adapt to various formats, resolutions and sizes while still providing the speed of a desktop browser.

Utilizing the mobile access capabilities of a content management cloud-enabled software is a huge benefit for businesses regardless of size or industry. Not only will it help to increase business efficiency but it is designed to keep confidential content safe while assuring quick and accurate processes. Remote document management helps end users work more productively on-the-go. To learn more, contact Square 9 today.

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