GlobalSearch for Real Estate – 7 FAQs

The real estate industry is extremely paper intensive as bulky documents stream in daily, causing agents and property managers to spend an immense amount of time handling physical paper files. Employees route these files from agents to brokers, between buyers and sellers, and often waste valuable time searching for misplaced documents. But luckily, document management solutions take real estate transactions paperless without changing the way each individual agency works. Realtors can have complete access to their document database, attend closings, share files, and even collect signatures without the need for physical paper.

So why is GlobalSearch the top choice for real estate transaction management? Because it’s the better way to get transactions done. I invite you to explore our frequently asked Q&A – GlobalSearch for real estate:

We specialize in real estate, not technology. How can I expect my staff to learn this product?

Not only do I guarantee that your staff will learn GlobalSearch, but they can learn it quickly, and become document management experts within a matter of days. Get your agents and appropriate staff members using the GlobalSearch suite of solutions without paying for expensive training or confusing them with overly intricate software systems. The GlobalSearch interface is simple and intuitive, and even the least tech savvy agents will be able to use the platform efficiently. Don’t forget to sign up for Square 9’s Advanced Training!

With GlobalSearch, I won’t need to carry any papers to closings. Is this lawfully legitimate?

Thanks to the ESIGN act, agents can attain electronic signatures through a tablet with a stylus or finger – and yes they are completely law abiding! Enjoy the freedom to work from anywhere and allow your top agents to increase sales through the power of mobility. Plus, GlobalSearch provides an audit trail of every action and every note for each file so you can travel to appointments without a giant stack of papers and still have proof of transactions.

I understand that my existing closing packages will be filed and searchable, but how can I ensure that new documents belonging to a specific sale are properly indexed?

One of the greatest things about GlobalSearch is its versatility. Users can completely customize the system to fit their style and way of working. Realtors can create designated inboxes and archive folders specific to each individual listing, neighborhood, county, state, you name it (literally). When documents are captured, the unique OCR indexing can target keywords to ensure new documents route to the appropriate inbox where a staff member can then take further actions and insert those documents into an archive for future look up. Users can organize archives by office location and view all transactions sorted by name, listed date, close date, etc.

How can document management help when my agents are always out in the field?

Through advanced workflow, mobility and remote access capabilities! Users can email contracts and other critical documents to clients, lenders, and title companies directly from the system, whether you’re meeting with a potential buyer, at a location closing, or in transit to a showing. GlobalSearch streamlines the approval process as the system automatically sends alerts, no matter where you may be. Review and work on files from anywhere with a tablet or smartphone device, to ensure a smooth closing. For increasingly mobile agents, it ensures their paperwork is submitted in a timely manner and accessible on the road.

I’m a broker and I’m preparing an office audit. How will GlobalSearch make this process easier?

As part of this process, the brokers preparing legal audits have immediate access to every document in an instant to produce a stress-free annual review. Users can save time double-checking documents while keeping track of all incoming financials. Know which of your listings are about to expire and see which transactions are closing soon to stay on a well-timed track. GlobalSearch has proven to keep real estate agencies better organized and prepared by abiding to appropriate compliancy mandates of auditing requirements.

Am I putting buyer and seller sensitive information at risk by storing content electronically in GlobalSearch?

Quite the opposite. Property managers can reduce their risk by having all key business content in a single repository, secure and backed up. In the event of a disaster, you don’t have to worry about the destruction of paper documents since they have all been retained electronically. You also have the power through secure permissions to control who in your agency has access to view, modify or delete each file through individual user settings.

My staff finds the most trouble tracking tedious insurance certifications, how can GlobalSearch streamline this task?

Property managers using workflow automation have reduced almost all of the time spent tracking tenant insurance certificates. Document management software solutions streamline the process as soon as the certificate is scanned and indexed into the document repository and from this point forward, reminder emails, alerts, reports and updates are automatic from the system. Once the certificates are scanned, there is no risk of losing or misplacing these files. Staff can check for errors and review them for missing signatures and pages.

With efficient document management solutions, everyone involved in a real estate transaction can securely manage, share and finalize documents with ease. Document Management empowers real estate professionals to streamline their transactions, stay organized and productive on the go. This will ultimately create a better experience for buyers and sellers alike. Eliminate the burden of paper, reclaim valuable office space, and ensure critical information is rapidly retrievable. Ready to take the first step? Contact Square 9 today to learn more.

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