Solving Everyday Challenges With Digital ECM Transformations

Documents, data, decisions, oh my! It’s no wonder why paper-driven processes are becoming increasingly overwhelming for businesses to manage. 47% of organizations admit the need to hold something physically remains the primary reason for continued paper usage. Yet the demand for paperless communications is rapidly increasing for 65% of those same survey respondents. That’s why a digital transformation could be the solution for you. Not only will a digital document strategy enhance the security of your files, but you will gain immediate access to documents, improving collaboration, and providing greater insight into everyday activities.


Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software simplifies the capture, retrieval and distribution of information, taking data-critical processes to the next level. So, whether you’re considering going paperless, or you want to take advantage of automating document indexing and data capture, let’s take a look at how digitizing processes can improve the way business gets done!

Expedite Data Capture

As documents stack up, manual data entry could take hours, even weeks to complete – and odds are, entries may be keyed incorrectly and fields may be missed entirely. But, advanced document management technology uses the power of Optical Character Recognition (OCR), to transform document data into business intelligence. OCR assisted data indexing is a simple but powerful point and click methodology which eliminates manual keystrokes while increasing the accuracy of entered information. In addition, the integrity of information is automatically validated through the tool before the data is distributed to others or stored within the ECM database. Key data elements can then be pulled and applied where applicable to avoid reentry of repetitive information later on. When the document capture cycle is complete, information can be shared with the appropriate departments by notifying users via email.

Enhance Document Retrieval

Let’s say you’re on the phone helping a customer and you need to pull up their information to help answer their immediate questions. You put them on hold, walk down the hallway, and there it is – the room of file cabinets – overwhelming to say the least. It could take minutes, maybe longer to locate what you’re looking for, and if you can’t find that specific document, what then? By implementing a digital ECM solution, you can eliminate the frustration of searching for documents. Instead, any file you could possibly need is right at your fingertips. Stored in a central location, users can access the entire document database via PC, Mac, laptop, tablet and even smartphone, 24/7, in the office or on the go. With simple keyword searches – such as customer name or invoice number – all information and paperwork associated with the client will be automatically displayed within seconds. It can then be shared between teams and even integrated with outside business applications for easy collaboration and editing capabilities, allowing you and your coworkers to go to lunch even quicker!

Determine the Destination

Are you constantly worrying about where your documents might end up? Worry no more because with process automation, you can easily map out the lifecycle of your documents and daily business activities. Users decide where documents are stored, who you want to view them, as well as what actions are required once they’ve been received. Whether you’re routing invoices for approval or need a signature by the end of the day, business users can create one workflow that follows different routes to each department. This allows managers to monitor which tasks have been completed and what’s being held up. Not only will this keep your information safe through user-based permissions, but your organization will stay compliant, while improving collaboration and productivity at the same time.

Is your organization facing any of these paper-based challenges? If you fit into the same bucket as the other 65% of organizations, a digital ECM transformation could be the right choice for you. From limiting manual processes and ensuring documents are getting to the right people, it’s time to eliminate the hassles of managing paper documents and automate your business processes today! Contact Square 9 Softworks to get started.

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